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Perhaps the best thing is not to be a bonehead in the first place.
The idea came to mind again 10 days ago, when one of the best-known chief executives in the world lashed out against the "boring, bonehead" questions he was getting from analysts on his quarterly earnings call.
"Emails, bridges, Bush bros, Koch bros: Boneheads 2016," opens the dog biscuit's Kickstarter video, alluding to the distracting headlines plaguing the campaigns of presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz.
Boneheads still yell 'F-off home and do the ironing'
This reprint of a 2003 text, originally published by Quintet Publishing Ltd., provides amateur and professional dinosaur enthusiasts with profiles of 500 species organized into sections covering the life forms that preceded the dinosaurs, the first dinosaurs, small meat-eaters, great predators, ostrich dinosaurs, the giants, bird-foot dinosaurs, the duckbills, boneheads, armored dinosaurs, plated dinosaurs, horned dinosaurs, other creatures of the dinosaur age, and the birds and mammals that came after the dinosaurs.
A fast, erratic retrieve had the boneheads fighting over it.
Every year, I swear I'm not going to watch it, I'm adamant I won't waste my time on those fame hungry, ludicrous boneheads.
Hopefully, the boneheads responsible for losing Joint Intelligence Committee assessments of al Qaida and details of UK policies on fighting global terrorist funding will be dealt with appropriately.
The boneheads who perpetuate this system of trap draws must already have one foot in the asylum!
That's what lowers prices and attracts customers, you boneheads!
Why not just call them boneheads and be done with it?
In the end, a thorough and loving once-over in the mirror is all it takes to reassure Thomas' young characters that they're "all that." While Trevor and Shanika are resilient, self-assured and mature enough to realize that their peers are just a bunch of boneheads, kids in the real world may not come to that conclusion so readily.
Sure they're a long way from taking over the country, but 300 boneheads coming out to demonstrations, building bombs, dreaming about gas chambers and ethnic cleansing is 300 too many."
PI ONLY hope the three over-zealous Birmingham City stewards who felt it was necessary to search a two-and-a-half year-old girl's bag before entering the Railway End at St Andrew's are as equally vigilant when they come face to face with the Millwall boneheads today.