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Earlier this summer, the University of Virginia (UVA) treated the nation to a display of colossal boneheadedness as its governing body, the Board of Visitors, ignored state law, its own rules, university tradition and common sense to fire the school's popular president, thereby inspiring a revolt of students, faculty and alumni, national media attention and a gubernatorial threat to fire every single board member if they didn't clean up the mess they created.
That of course looks ridiculous in the wake of the Beavers' 18th victory of the season Saturday in the Civil War, but is outdone on the spectrum of boneheadedness by the eminently qualified conference coaches, and their pick for the Beavers in the preseason - dead last.
The only thing that has changed is perhaps the urgency with which we need to face these problems and the stubborn boneheadedness of people who refuse to face reality and reevaluate their lifestyles.
Recent bizarre decisions taken by this 'five star council' confirm my view that our lot have graduated with honours in 'boneheadedness'.
Though journalists might, at times, suffer from a lack of information, shortage of time, conflicts of interest and, sometimes, just plain boneheadedness, what they do--imperfectly, at times--facilitates the discourse.