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That of course looks ridiculous in the wake of the Beavers' 18th victory of the season Saturday in the Civil War, but is outdone on the spectrum of boneheadedness by the eminently qualified conference coaches, and their pick for the Beavers in the preseason - dead last.
If boneheadedness continues to be driving force behind the sports media, we go cheaper by the dozen -- the Dubious Dozen, our annual look at those in the media who just couldn't help themselves:
Sometimes it is the boneheadedness of company boards, and particularly the multi-nationals.
The Jay Ward cartoons didn't earn their following through dazzling animation; their appeal rested largely on witty wordplay and mildly satirical absurdity, as well as Bullwinkle's amiable boneheadedness.
We start by asking the good sweet Lord to save us from the teacher's boneheadedness, which always draws a giggle, and then we sail into the lesson, which is always supposed to be about something or other but which without fail turns out to be about their ferocious curiosity and quiet fears and my overwhelming affection and respect for their fresh-baked minds and mostly honest hearts.