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The combustible mix of hours-long traffic crawls and not a few boneheaded drivers and pedestrians can turn even the nicest person into a honking bird-flipper.
It was utterly boneheaded. Now the Prime Minister is having - once again - to scramble to mop up a mess of her party's own making when she has other very urgent claims to her attention.
Their job was made easier by the boneheaded decision of Everton centre-back Ashley Williams to swing an arm into the face of Barnes near the end and earn himself an indefensible red card.
But when it comes to the recent, boneheaded call for New York City to remove all memorials to Peter Stuyvesant, the 17th-century Dutch leader of the New Amsterdam colony, I have to draw the line.
Dak Prescott drove the Cowboys to the Giants' 46, but this time it was Dallas' turn to make the boneheaded decision late in the game.
I wish I could say I've never pulled a similar boneheaded move myself.
There was absolutely nothing "political" about our coverage of this latest crashingly boneheaded idea to emerge from the complicated mind of Paul Dyster.
Obama has said and done some boneheaded things in the Middle East (like decapitating the Libyan regime with no plan for the morning after), but being wary about getting further embroiled in this region is not one of them.
Bath did not get any favours from referee Jerome Garces but they were guilty of giving away some boneheaded penalties and showing butter-fingered handling, with wing Horacio Agulla a big culprit.
Laughing at yourself when you make a boneheaded blunder is healthy but if you repeatedly poke fun at your own core competencies then sooner or later folks might start believing you.
But President Ahmadi-nejad killed it in 2007, apparently objecting to its frequent criticism of many of his ideas for the government as boneheaded.
THE TOPIC: True innovation--often the result of boneheaded mistakes, happy accidents, and more crowd-sourcing than we realize--relies on everything that has come before.
Some are typical Hollywood reaches (there is a rooftop conversation at the Mercury News and Ceppos was never on the roof of any newspaper building) and some are plain boneheaded (disgraced Webb ends up in the newspaper's Cupertino bureau--a bureau that never existed).
Their outbursts could be chalked up to the rants or ignorance of a few GOP luminaries, and some top GOP officials did chastise at least Nugent for his boneheaded cracks.