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constitutionally lazy or idle


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Plenty of time for those MPs who support Jeremy Hunt to work out new ways of making those bone-idle NHS workers do a seven-day-week with no effective pay rise for the next five years.
Take this example from a continuity announcer introducing Off the Page on Radio 4 this week: "Coming up next, after the news, bone-idle Dominic Arkwright discusse s.
He should name and shame the bone-idle blighters so they lose all their handouts.
It was supposed to encourage unemployed single mothers to get off their bone-idle backsides and go out and work at least 16 hours a week, thereby contributing something to the country.
We're stealing the milk out their grannies' tea and cutting their services to the bone so us bone-idle lot can live like Lotto winners at their expense.
Basically, to enter you only have to send your name and address, and even yours truly isn't too bone-idle to do that.
The Mollusc, by Cheshire writer Hubert Henry Davies, is the story of a bone-idle woman whose family and friends vow to wow her back to life.
What struck me forcefully was the sheer bone-idle laziness of most of these people.
Ricky Tomlinson, who plays the bone-idle, nit-picking head of the family, says the part requires some serious method acting on his part.
The clergymen say it is un-Christian to stop benefits, or even cap them at pounds 26,000 a year, for bone-idle scroungers with large families.
Do any of them care that the head of the Scottish mafia Gordon Brown lies to the Iraq Inquiry about cutting the defence budget for those who lay down their lives for our country yet fuels the gravy train for the useless bone-idle slobs who abuse our welfare system from cradle to grave; and ensure billions finds its way to the bureaucratic abyss of local government, devolved powers and Europe?
A poll found Paul, John and Dave were also in the list of the top five most bone-idle blokes.
A bone-idle cat called Garfield has been branded Britain's laziest moggie.
It's been hard to get a proper line on her because she's bone-idle at home,' added Easterby.
Are motorists so bone-idle that they cannot walk that far?