bone-forming cell

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a cell from which bone develops

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Most studies have focused on the attachment, proliferation, and osteogenic functionality of bone-forming cells. However, a few studies have been carried out to investigate the relationship between the RGD peptide and bone-resorbing cells such as osteoclasts [26, 27].
Such biomaterials were said to be devoid of live bone-forming cells, unlike the autologous bone graft, which is thought to possess all osteoconductive, osteoinductive, and osteogenic potentials together.
Exploring further, the researchers exposed laboratory cultures of bone-forming cells (osteoblasts) to blood (serum) from the animals.
Thanks to the spongy structure designed after human bones and an optimised formulation an increased number of bone-forming cells dock on Ceracell[R], which leads to accelerated and qualitatively better bone regeneration.
Moreover, certain stem cells in bone marrow, in the calcium-deficient piglets appeared to have already been programmed to become fat cells instead of bone-forming cells.
In simple terms, Peptan induces the differentiation of bone-forming cells and reduces the differentiation of bone-destroying cells.
Bone-forming cells called osteoblasts deposit a matrix of collagen, but they also release calcium, magnesium, and phosphate ions, which chemically combine and harden within the matrix into the mineral hydroxyapatite [1].
The team announcing the finding, led by Gerard Karsenty of Columbia University, had previously found that fat cells secrete a hormone that influences bone-forming cells called osteoblasts.
One of these ingredients stimulates the proliferation and activity of bone-forming cells, while the other one inhibits the activity of bone-destroying cells.
1994) The hormone plays an important role in maintaining bone mass in adult women, in part by slowing bone remodeling and in part by maintaining the proper balance between the activity of bone-forming cells (i.e., osteoclasts) and bone-resorbing cells (i.e., osteoclasts).
Holmer adds that medicines in the product pipeline for women include one for metastic breast cancer designed to block an aberrant gene that triggers abnormal growth, one that raises the number of bone-forming cells in order to help osteoporosis patients grow new bone mass and a vaccine designed to prevent bacteria that cause urinary tract infections from attaching to bladder cells.
A natural bone-growth factor can be used in these new implants to speed up healing by signaling the body to produce bone-forming cells called osteoblasts.
BPS-804 works by inhibiting sclerostin, which itself inhibits the activity of bone-forming cells, known as osteoblasts.
Kassem, "Subcutaneous adipocytes can differentiate into bone-forming cells in vitro and in vivo," Tissue Engineering Part A, vol.