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Synonyms for bone-dry

having little or no liquid or moisture

Synonyms for bone-dry

without a trace of moisture


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Racy and bone-dry, with mouth-filling apricot and lime scented with green apple, herbs, and blossoms.
However, the moon, being bone-dry, acquired much of its water supply from these comets.
The 82% is akin to a bone-dry Manzanilla sherry or Islay Malt Whisky.
Many businesses in the city shuttered as authorities closed bridges over the Santa Catarina river, usually bone-dry but surging on Friday.
You would think that bone-dry areas like Southern California need that $2.
YOU'LL be shaken and stirred as award-wining comedy duo Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding get into Bondage in this pacey pastiche as refreshing as a twist of lemon in a bone-dry Martini.
LOS PADRES NATIONAL FOREST -- Fire continued to rage Tuesday near Gorman across bone-dry brush that hasn't burned in nearly a half-century.
The Bottle: The unusual rose (AU$17 with tax), a blend of two rare German cultivars (Trollinger and Lemberger), is bone-dry and goes well with spicy cuisine or seafood.
I was shocked by the difference between the picture I had in my head and the one that I was seeing before me--grey bone-dry land, scattered with old Russian tanks and pieces of cars and lorries.
And Jennifer Saunders returned to the bone-dry comedy well that is Absolutely Fabulous.
committed to taking in ground wood chips for $8 per bone-dry ton FOB.
5 liters per second courses through the tube (two liters per second for the ski boot accessory that snakes deep into the soggy footwear), ensuring that your favorite--or only--pair of boots will be bone-dry for everything from a second run down the mountain to another back-breaking shoveling session.
Air-drying is the easiest technique because all you have to do is cut your chosen flowers when they feel dry, then tie them by the stems in bunches and hang them in an airy room out of sunlight until bone-dry.