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Synonyms for plating

a thin coating of metal deposited on a surface

the application of a thin coat of metal (as by electrolysis)

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Still for confirmatory diagnosis and correct definition of fracture, radiographic examination was performed by taking lateral and anterio-posterior views which revealed oblique mid-shaft fracture of right metatarsal bone along with 7 mm gap between two fracture segments which made repair of bone defect practically impossible by using either bone plating or pinning (Fig.
We have a variety of sizes of bone plating equipment.
Bone plating systems by synthes, true dynamic and bioresorbable system bonamates plates by true dynamic (which are made of combination of polylactic acid and plyglycolic acid) were used to stabilize the fracture segments.
7,128,744 (the Synthes patent), which is directed to "a bone plating system and method for fracture fixation of bone.
This allows the lamina to be removed as a single unit which speeds the laminectomy process and allows re-attachment of the lamina with small bone plating systems for an osteoplastic laminectomy.