bone of contention

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the subject of a dispute

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That was the real bone of contention but they were not admitting it, said the officer.
* The name issue seems to have become again a bone of contention in the governing coalition.
I keep hearing that Luis Suarez "clearly had a bone to pick" with Branislav Ivanovic and that his ban for biting is a "bone of contention".
The cabinet was told by cabinet member for education Coun Brigid Jones that there might be an agreement over the boiler but the alarm remains a bone of contention.
Dorra has long been a bone of contention between Kuwait and Iran which also lays claim to a part of the field.
A bone of contention remains the need for farmers to notify BCMS of any cattle movements within three calendar days, when EU rules allow for seven days.
The major bone of contention concerned the voluntary declarations to certify EU spending at national level, which Parliament insisted on having.
"This issue has somewhat been a bone of contention for us and we have often voiced our opposition to the imposition of high investment fees for poor performance."
The Soviet Army monument in the Bulgarian capital Sofia has been a bone of contention among "anti-communists", "russophobes", and other groups ever since the fall of communism in 1989.
THE foundation stone for a road under- bridge in south Delhi has turned out to be a bone of contention between two leaders of the ruling Congress.
ACTUALLY ALI M Scarlett O'Brian's obsession with the movies is a bone of contention with her frugal fianc David.
ALL-DAY car parking at the Heath Park Model Railway has for some time now been a bone of contention.
AaThe region's economic and administrative court of the region of Catalonia has ruled in favour of Sonatrach Gas Comercializadora (SGC) in the bone of contention relating to the payment of a tax on Algerian LNG (liquefied natural gas) imports, between SGC and the General Directorate of Customs of Barcelona (Spain), a source close to the case told APS on Tuesday.AaAa
The bone of contention now relates to a protective order agreed upon by both sides on May 5.