bone of contention

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the subject of a dispute

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A Direct Line spokesman said: "Parking is a bone of contention for most drivers in the UK.
I have been a bus driver for 37 years and this has always been a bone of contention.
The WTO patent provisions on health have been a bone of contention between rich and developing countries that have been hit hard by HIV/AIDS.
This annual disclosure of commercial rent rolls is a serious bone of contention with many in the real estate industry as such information is considered by some to be in the nature of "trade secrets".
This Act is more commonly used in stalking and other forms of personal harassment cases and the main bone of contention was whether this Act could make employers liable for harassment claims, or whether the employee could only sue the harasser.
The first is the question of the full and direct inclusion of the gentiles, which, as we know well from Acts 15 and Galatians, was the first major bone of contention in the "Jesus movement" (a term used advisedly, to stress that Christianity was, in fact, a group or sect within Judaism until at least A.
Another change in the regulations relates to the use of tires, the bone of contention at Indianapolis.
Which brings up a bone of contention at the press conference that the assorted journalists would not let go of: The swimsuit competition is sexist.
The main bone of contention is who will cover England's opener against Paraguay on June 10.
One more example of innovation must suffice: the famous Filioque added to the Creed by the Western Church and still a bone of contention between Catholics and Orthodox.
As far as we are concerned 90 per cent of the document is OK, but our bone of contention for the future is clear," said Githii.
If Darwinian evolution--which is not incompatible with religion and does not require any radical rethinking of our moral tradition--is still a bone of contention, proposing to do away with the soul is not exactly a prescription for no more squabbling.
THE relevance of certain flags flown at grounds has long been a bone of contention, and a particularly tedious one.
In the western United States, water rights have long been a bone of contention, with private parties, municipalities, and states squabbling over a region's rivers for agricultural, industrial, and municipal uses.
But it was not the most obvious bone of contention ( Paul Robinson's clearance of a second Mellberg effort which Villa players claimed had crossed the line ( which provoked O'Leary's ire.