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fertilizer made of ground bones

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In a related development, members of the Hokkaido chapter of the Japanese Communist Party said Wednesday at least 3,000 cows on the northernmost main island are suspected to have been fed ''steamed bone meal,'' which is a variety of MBM.
It may also have consumed meat and bone meal which had been imported before 1996, considering the disease's two to eight year latency period.
For instance, the British pig industry claims this country's unilateral ban on meat and bone meal is an unfair cost penalty when competitiors on the continent are still allowed to use the meal, while some importers criticise the UK industry's use of antibiotic growth promoters.
In December last he voted against a Labour Party motion calling for a ban on the use of bone meal without ever disclosing his interest.
Dutch legislation has banned stalls and tethers, and meat and bone meal free product is being delivered to the UK.
FRENCH Environment Minister Dominique Voynet yesterday called for a halt to feeding meat and bone meal to pigs and chickens - and then tried to blame Britain for her own country's mad cow crisis.
Danish meat industry leaders say their producers now use almost no meat and bone meal as pig feed, effectively demolishing one of the main arguments heard from British farmers who complain the ban on using this ration ingredient here amounts to an unfair extra cost penalising home producers and favouring imports.
Nasdaq:SDIX) - a leading provider of antibody products and analytical test kits for the food safety and water quality markets, announced today the results of a comparison study performed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Union, which included the Company's screening test for the detection of meat and bone meal in animal feed.
It is a very contentious issue because the primary cause of BSE was found to lie in meat and bone meal (and not least sheep's brains) fed to cows.
The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported Tuesday that the researcher told a meeting of farmers in 1991 it is dangerous to import the cattle from the Chicago area, where outbreaks of scrapie disease in sheep -- whose carcasses are made into meat and bone meal for cows -- had been reported.
FOOD Minister Ned O'Keeffe was under pressure to quit last night over his pigs being fed bone meal linked to Mad Cow Disease.
You can mix in a little bone meal at this time, but be careful not to disturb the roots or new shoots.
Unilateral UK legislation prohibits the use of recycled meat and bone meal in UK livestock feeds and from January 1 this year, British pig producers are no longer permitted to confine pregnant sows in restrictive individual crates or tethers.
RECENT health scares make me wonder about bone meal.
Our products DO NOT contain any bone meal or meat meal.