bone marrow

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the fatty network of connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones

very tender and very nutritious tissue from marrowbones

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'Last year it was mere a dream to conduct bone marrow transplantation in the Children's Hospital but today it has become a reality,' said the minister.
She also assured that the Punjab government would consider Rs300 million additional grant for Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit and Cancer Research Centre at Children's Hospital.
Bone marrow transplant at The Medical City - the process is similar to getting a blood transfusion.
Stanford Children's Health notes that some transplants also may replace bone marrow with genetically healthy, functioning bone marrow as doctors try to prevent further damage from some genetic diseases.
Blood normally flowed through the channels from the skull's interior to the bone marrow, but after a stroke, neutrophils were seen moving in the opposite direction to get to damaged tissue.
A paediatric oncologist treating Yadhav at Dubai Hospital told Gulf News that the little one had a good chance of survival with a bone marrow transplant.
The second commonest solid tumor in children is neuroblastoma, It originates from neuroepithelial cells that migrate from neural crest and form sympathetic nervous system.1 Mostly (70%) arising retroperitoneally and involve adrenal medulla and may invade surrounding tissues or have distant metastasis in lymph nodes, liver, bone marrow, orbit, skull, ovaries, paratesticular region, testis and central nervous system.2
This US FDA clearance allows the company to proceed with the phase I clinical trial of CK0801 in patients with bone marrow failure syndrome, including aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndrome and myelofibrosis.
Pancytopenia was the most common indication for bone marrow aspiration.
Bone marrow transplant experts such as Professor Dr Salman Adil from the Agha Khan University in Karachi, Major General Tariq Mehmood Satti from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Major General (retired) Parvez Ahmed from the Quid-i-Azam International Hospital, Islamabad, Brigadier Syed Kamran Mehmood from the Armed Forces Bone Marrow Transplant Centre, Dr Alia Zaidi and Assistant Professor Dr Yasir Yousafzai from KMU-IBMS spoke at the event.
ISLAMABAD -- Researchers have discovered that a rabbit virus can kill some kinds of cancer cells and eliminate a common unwanted side effects of bone marrow transplants.
SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 8, 2017-Engineers here have developed biomimetic bone tissues that could one day provide new bone marrow for patients needing transplants.
Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the frequency of bone marrow infiltration along with various histological patterns of bone marrow infiltration in previously diagnosed patients of Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.
This technique uses normal bone marrow, usually from the hip or the breastbone, to replace defective or non-functioning marrow like that of aplastic anaemia.