bone marrow

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the fatty network of connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones

very tender and very nutritious tissue from marrowbones

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Past studies have suggested that benzene's toxic effects on bone marrow tissue--its major target organ--may be enacted through multiple pathways, including growth factor regulation, oxidative stress reduction, DNA damage repair, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis.
To prepare Apryl for yesterday's procedure, staff members from Children's Hospital's Bone Marrow Unit began treating Apryl with chemotherapy and radiation on April 7, 1994, to destroy the cells that cause the aplastic anemia.
It was so long ago that he had forgotten he had also agreed to become a donor for the national bone marrow registry.
The donor for the transplant was his younger sister, whose bone marrow was genetically similar.
More than 200 Hurler's babies have successfully received bone marrow transplants since 1980.
Nearly 10 years have passed, and now Theresa LaRue finds herself on another mission - to help other families get the bone marrow transplants they need.
That's when doctors at UCLA Medical Center recommended a bone marrow transplant for the Meadows Elementary School pupil whose cancer has not been conquered through years of chemotherapy and radiation.
These lab and animal studies have raised hopes that bone marrow or cells derived from it could repair hearts, cure neurological disorders, and treat many other medical conditions.
The CPMP recommended approval of the drug to speed recovery of patients undergoing autologous bone marrow transplantion and to improve survival in patients whose bone marrow transplants have failed.
I believe that he is the right man at the right time to help enable Pluristem to accomplish its plans of becoming a leading provider of cell therapy products that do not require a match, and target the critical global shortfall of matched tissue for bone marrow transplantation - an unmet need of more than 100,000 patients annually.
Hugs, tears and smiles abounded Friday at City of Hope as more than 5,000 bone-marrow recipients, donors and their loved ones gathered for a celebration of life at the cancer center's 28th annual Bone Marrow Transplant Reunion.
Once considered a waste product of birth, umbilical cord blood is now prized as a source of stem cells that can replace the diseased bone marrow of people with leukemia and other illnesses.
When not broken down, glucocerebroside accumulates in the spleen, liver, and bone marrow, causing the organs to malfunction.
We expect to demonstrate that the co-transplantation of PLX-I cell types are a promising manipulation that improves cord blood performance during the replacement of bone marrow transplants in adults.