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a land mass (smaller than a continent) that is surrounded by water

a zone or area resembling an island

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The typical bone island lesion varies from a few millimeters to a centimeter at its largest diameter.
Extra points were awarded for begging and stylish entry into the water and my personal vote went to Captain "Bloody" Spike Pierce, leader of the local Bone Island Buccaneers, who produced a fizzing bomb before being consigned to his watery fate.
Bone scan findings are usually normal in patients with OPK, but reveal slightly increased activity similar to the bone island or enostosis that reflects active osseous remodelling that may be detected, especially in young patients with classic radiographic findings that are consistent with OPK.
The maxillary bone biopsy showed a fibrooseous lesion composed of cellular fibrous stroma with woven bone islands with many having osteoclastic rimming (Figure 3).
Histologically, these radiodensities are comprised of compact lamellar bone and are identical to solitary bone islands that are commonly identified on radiographs.