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Synonyms for bone

to study or work hard, especially when pressed for time


Synonyms for bone

rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates

the porous calcified substance from which bones are made

a shade of white the color of bleached bones

study intensively, as before an exam

consisting of or made up of bone

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Moreover, bone loss often occurs rapidly after gastric bypass in multiple skeletal sites (2), and the rate of bone density loss may be more detrimental than the absolute value in increasing bone fragility. In addition to osteomalacia, this patient likely had osteitis fibrosa cystica or brown tumor changes on the basis of high PTH concentrations, which may have existed for a long time and are frequently associated with bone pain.
Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a genetic disorder signified by increased bone fragility and low bone mass.
Since bone fragility increase has been attributed to AGE [34], we can assume that AGE might not be present in relevant amounts in the bones of STZ-treated Wistar rats of this study.
It is also unclear whether osteoporosis (bone fragility) associated with CKD is derived from CKD-MBD or factors other than CKD-MBD.
Yet this new study now shows that your kid can take action against a genetic predisposition for bone fragility.
[1] Consequent impaired bone resoption and endochondral formation replaces The hematopoietic cells in the medullary cavity are replaced by the subsequent damaged bone resorption and endochondral formation, which further elevates the occurrence of fractures owing to bone fragility. Moreover, hematological abnormalities such as thrombocytopenia, anemia, susceptibility to infections, and extramedullary hematopoiesis can result because of the decrease in hematopoietic cells.
The bone substance of the greater trochanter, femoral neck, and femoral trochanter was poor and showed bone fragility. The acetabular side cartilage and femoral head cartilage showed degeneration (Figure 4).
Considering the great number of alcoholics individuals, the relationship between ethanol consumption and bone fragility the aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of ethanol consumption and alcohol detoxification on the biomechanics, area and thickness of cortical and trabecular bone in rat femurs.
The new HIV bone guidelines (1) do not weigh in on the potential value of the AMS score in predicting bone fragility. The guidelines do recommend assessing hypogonadism as a possible cause of osteoporosis in HIV-positive men (evaluated by morning measurement of free testosterone) and women (evaluated by menstrual history, estradiol, follicle-stimulating hormone, prolactin).
Thus, neuronal damage seems to alter bone homeostasis, causing bone resorption, reducing new bone formation and bone mass, inducing the loss of trabecular bone integrity and bone strength, and increasing bone fragility. These results support the hypothesis that sensory neurons contribute to the maintenance of trabecular bone integrity, which can be explained by the fact that neuropeptides such as substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) are synthesized by sensory neurons and released from peripheral nerve terminals.
Because of her bone fragility, the treatment team considers what would be an appropriate course of drug treatment to control bipolar symptoms while minimizing risk of bone loss.
The gross pathology findings included poor body growth, lack of development of the breast muscles, abnormalities in the keel development, and bone fragility. Some birds showed infraorbital sinusitis with serous or fibrinous exudates and catarrhal tracheitis, whereas others presented with serofibrinous airsacculitis and splenomegaly.
Osteogenesis imperfecta is a genetic disorder that is characterized by bone fragility. (1) When it affects the area of the maxillary sinus, patients can present with a loss of dentition and maxillary hypoplasia.