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Methods: Between March 2011 and March 2014, 71 patients underwent cranial bone flap fixation with mini titanium plates and screws after craniotomy and excision of supratentorial lesions at Combined Military Hospital, Peshawar.
Use the milling cutter along the hole's orbital roof toward the back to take a bone flap about 2.
sup][18],[19] The advantages of minipterional craniotomy include shorter skin incision, less soft tissue trauma, smaller bone flap, and good cosmetic outcome.
This problem was tackled with universal sterile precautions and saline irrigation, with and without topical antibiotics to harvested bone flaps as per evidence.
Muller, "Free vascularised corticoperiosteal bone flaps in the treatment of non-union of long bones: an ignored opportunity?
Bone flap was placed under strict asepsis in the abdominal subcutaneous pouch.
During a craniotomy, a bone flap was removed from Simmons' skull to reduce
Dura was closed without any difficulty and the bone flap was replaced while closure of the wound.
A new composite flap model in the rat: combined cremaster muscle and pubic bone flap, Ann Plast Surg, 60(6): 692-7.
The sports enthusiast spent 10 weeks in a Dubai hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove a bone flap from the top of his head in order to allow his brain room to swell.
A bone flap is removed from the skull during this type of surgery.
Anyone who has seen a skull bone flap being turned or the sternum being divided at a median sternotomy will be well aware of the considerable bleeding that can occur in these procedures from the highly vascular red bone marrow inside these structures.
Because the patient's ICP remained high, he underwent repeat evacuation of the residual epidural hematoma and marsupialization of the left frontotemporal bone flap.
A rectangular middle fossa bone flap was elevated, and a corner of the flap was used to repair the bone defect on the middle fossa floor.
A sign should be placed above the bed alerting care providers which side of the skull is missing the bone flap and warning that the patient should not be turned onto that side.