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fatty matter in bones extracted with solvents or by boiling or steaming

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The industry does not have to indicate the actual ingredients of feed, but has only to indicate the category, pursuant to Directive 91/357/EEC (thus, for example, the category of oils and fats can contain not only various vegetable oils but also animal fat, fish oil, tallow, bone fat or greaves).Objections from industry.The feed industry rejects the Commission's proposal on the grounds that precise information on the nutritional value is more important for the farmer than information about the ingredients.
New Delhi, Aug.11 (ANI): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has summoned senior Uttar Pradesh Government officials, including the chief secretary and the state police chief to appear in person on the 25th of this month on the issue of non-compliance of Commission's recommendations on closure of illegal abattoir and about two hundred furnaces in use for extraction of animal bone fat in Meerut city.
Marzetti Light Caesar 70 7 Vinaigrette [check] Wish Bone Just 2 Good Low Fat Ranch 40 2 [check] Wish Bone Just 2 Good Low Fat Sweet 'n Spicy French 2 0 FAT-FREE DRESSINGS [check] Hidden Valley Fat Free French 50 0 Ken's Steak House Fat Free 25 0 0 [check] Ken's Steak House Fat Free Sun- Dried Tomato Vinaigrette 70 0 Kraft Free Catalina 50 0 Kraft Free Honey Dijon 50 0 Kraft Free Ranch 50 0 Kraft Seven Seas Italian Free 10 0 [check] Wish Bone Fat Free Chunky Blue 35 0 Cheese [check] Wish Bone Fat Free Red Wine 30 0 Vinaigrette REFRIGERATED DRESSINGS [check] Litehouse Lite Salsa Ranch 50 5 Litehouse Sweet Red French 110 7 Marie's Parmesan Ranch 180 19 [check] Marie's Raspberry Vinaigrette 40 0.5 [check] Marie's Red Wine Vinaigrette 60 5 T.
These animal fats (bone fats and cooking fats) have so far being used as replacement for maternal milk (to rear calves) as well as energy supplements for ruminants.