bone dry

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without a trace of moisture


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Both of these rifles were bone dry and functioned flawlessly after given a spritz of Dry Lube.
The left shoe, which is coated in NeverWet, emerges muck free and bone dry from the muddy puddle, while the untreated shoe on the right is clearly stained.
Standberg Engineering Laboratories has developed a new portable moisture meter that works on textile fabric, nonwovens, carpet, yarn and raw stock including seed cotton and ginned lint, over the full spectrum, from bone dry to soaking wet.
The moisture measurement range is from bone dry to 75% percent moisture, providing application opportunities for the wet end, size press, coaters and tissue machines.
Allen's dialogue with art history is materialized via subtly "off" color combinations, vaguely skewed compositions, barely uneven surfaces slick and pocked, thin and layered, lacquered and bone dry. His montagelike method of overlaying past and present is announced quietly, through a system of incongruities and formal knots that must be patiently unraveled.
I'm really looking forward to the upcoming events in South Africa and Australia because they'll be played on bone dry courses with a bit of run, which suits accurate, feel players like myself.
Classically, it makes a very crisp light, refreshing and bone dry white, with almost a seaside tang.
Their research lead to a 'dry rope' and a 'bone dry rope' specially treated to shed water and perform under extreme weather conditions for sports like ice climbing.
But drought knows no borders, and right now in East Africa and southern Asia, tens of millions of people live at risk from persistent droughts: crops have wasted away, wells are bone dry, and vast tracts of land have turned to dust.
The four-day Acropolis Rally is habitually held in searing temperatures on bone dry roads, stretching to the limit drivers' concentration.
Once it's bone dry, you can't find a mallard for five miles.
Unfortunately, one persons off-dry is another persons bone dry, and another persons uber-sweet."
| Pikes Riesling Traditionale 2016, Clare Valley, Australia (PS16.75, Wine Direct): Bone dry and clean as a whistle, the rush of acidity makes it a perfect choice with spicy sausages and BBQ pork.
3 Riesling Eymann, PS11.99 My favourite grape variety at the moment, Riesling varies from bone dry to super sweet.