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Synonyms for conduction

the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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Global Bone Conduction Devices Market is anticipated to grow significantly in the forecast period due to increase in technological advancements.
Sound localization in patients with congenital unilateral conductive hearing loss with a transcutaneous bone conduction implant.
In bone conduction transmission, sound waves are transformed into vibrations through the skull, stimulating the cochlea within the ear, in the same way as when sound waves normally go through the ear canal, the eardrum and the middle ear.
The clinical application of bone conduction audiometry.
There are already headphones available in the market that utilize bone conduction technology to deliver audio.
Bone conduction thresholds at frequencies of 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 Hz were determined by audiometric examination.
Mean air and bone conduction thresholds were determined at five frequencies 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz and 4000 Hz.
A successful bone conduction hearing aid was implanted for the first time in the UAE, on a patient with a thin skull thickness by Dubai Hospital doctors, helping an Emirati teenager born with hearing difficulty.
Dubai: A teenager has fully gained her hearing ability after getting a successful bone conduction hearing aid implant by Dubai Hospital doctors.
The BONEBRIDGE is the world's first active bone conduction implant system.
Besides the miniature microphone, they use the so-called bone conduction speaker, which is barely visible and is embedded in the frame near the right ear.
A marvel of technology, you'll hear music via 'bone conduction' - mini vibrations make their way from your cheekbones to your inner ears.