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black substance containing char in the form of carbonized bone

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Caption: This Colt M1908 Pocket Hammerless .380 features polished slide flats, bone charcoal color case hardening and clear coating; the trigger, extractor, controls and screws are nitre blued.
The material Enbio will apply to the outermost titanium sheet of Solar Orbiter's multi-layered heatshield is called 'Solar Black' - a type of black calcium phosphate processed from burnt bone charcoal.
Bone charcoal is a porous, black, granular material produced by charring animal bones [25].
Hoyos; and, finally, the possibility that the spots studied were different or painted in two phases, which would explain the presence of bone charcoal and charcoal in the samples (Fortea, 2000-2001: 13).
Told by his lieutenant that Svejk and his comrades were a "pack of swine," "barbarous hogs," and "useless monkeys" whose shanks and paws would be turned into bone charcoal through which the men's coffee would be filtered, the good soldier replies: "Humbly report, I've been thinking that the bone charcoal which is made out of you officer gentlemen must be much more expensive than what's made out of us ordinary soldiers" (687).
(TX), and "Activated animal bone charcoal" from Universal (Carron city, NY) (for Aquarium filters).
Some Russian and Eastern European vodkas aren't suitable for veggies because bone charcoal may have been used in their production.
Bone ash, steamed bone meal and bone charcoal can be seen as having no link to the disease, according to a team of technology experts within the ministry, ministry officials said.
Some imported vodkas may also have been passed through a bone charcoal filter.
Methods for removal include passing water through a bed of activated alumina, with regeneration by caustic soda and neutralization with sulfuric acid; through bone charcoal with regeneration by caustic soda and phosphoric acid; or through a tricalcium phosphate, regenerated with caustic soda and neutralized by carbon dioxide.
The range of POAO is myriad and includes meat, blood products, hides, bone charcoal, fish oil and so on.
The second two models feature a case-hardened carbon steel frame using the Turnbull bone charcoal process.
Each gun features bone charcoal color case hardening on the frame, loading gate and hammer, with the rest of the gun finished in carbona blue.