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ash left when bones burn

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However, birds in raw group had lower bone ash and strength than those in Alkali group, at 21 d of age.
The available phosphorus levels influenced (P<0.01) linearly the increase in the bone ash and phosphorus contents in the metacarpal bone of animals, according to the equations [??] = 62.2424-1.08232x ([R.sup.2] = 0.73) and [??] = 10.2291+0.075577x ([R.sup.2] = 0.81), respectively (Table 3).
Keeping other conditions same, Aluminium alloy with varying percentage of Chicken Bone Ash in a cast conditions were assessed for wear resistance.
Vegetable ashes can contain carbon, sulphur, fluorine and chlorine while bone ash contains carbon, sulphur, and fluorine.
Bone Ash Sky is the sweeping story of an American journalist who goes home to the Middle East to unravel three generations of war and genocide, love and renewal; a powerful work that examines family loyalty and secrets long-hidden in the chaos and horror of war.
Oneida will also offer several new 16-piece sets of decorated porcelain or porcelain and bone ash dinnerware, arranged into three tiers based on price point ($39.99, $49.99 and $59.99).
The bone was ground and kept (50 mg) in muffle furnace (700[degrees]C) for 8 h to obtain bone ash, which was weigthed (BMC/50 mg), while BMD (g/[cm.sup.3]) was calculated from the ratio BMC/bone volume [29].
Effect of quantum phytase on nutrient digestibility and bone ash in white leghorn laying hens fed corn-soybean meal-based diets.
Like early Sevres porcelain, Nantgarw was a soft paste, or artificial porcelain, containing more glassy ingredients like bone ash, sand and potash than clay.
Well, in England during the 1750s someone somehow discovered that adding bone ash - burnt animal bones - to the porcelain mix before firing in the kiln produced a much more durable end product.
Using kaolin, calcium carbonate, bone ash and chalkboard paint placed directly on the surface of the wall, Benfer visually chronicled the use of the space by past artists.
There is a negative interrelationship between [PGE.sub.2] and bone ash. Dietary containing [W.sub.3] which lacks a role of icozanoids and prostaglonedines obstacles the production of [PGE.sub.2] and increases the production of osteoblast[6].