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a person's age measured by matching their bone development (as shown by X rays) with bone development of an average person of known chronological age

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16) derived a formula for cervical vertebral bone age in girls, and Caldas et al.
Bone age was assessed with an X-ray of the left hand and wrist (Greulich and Pyle, 1959).
With both sex steroids and gonadotropins in the pubertal range, a GnRH agonist could be used to control gonadal steroid production and stop bone age advancement, allowing children to reach a greater adult height if started before age 6 years.
Follow-up examination did not reveal an electrolyte disorder; the Tanner stage and bone age remained stable, and the levels of 17-OH progesterone dropped from 52.
The diagnosis is confirmed by fetal tachycardia, goiter and bone age advancement in pregnancy and maternal treatment is conducted in accordance.
Radiological examination (plain plantar view and knee radiography) estimated the bone age to be about 10 years and 3 months.
This maybe associated with the delayed bone age observed in patients with CF [10].
Bone age development index was 40, while bone age showed 6-10 years old.
1617 Retardation in the growth rate decreased bone age and bone mineral density identified in children with nocturnal enuresis may reflect delayed maturation of regulatory central nervous system functions.
As LCP patients tend to have delayed bone age, on average 2 years in girls and 1 year in boys, (6) their femoral head ossific nuclei are smaller than those in children of similar chronologic age.
Body growth was satisfactory but bone age was generally retarded, more so in boys than in girls.
An 8-year-old boy presented to paediatric endocrinology with short stature, delayed bone age and biochemical features suggestive of hypopituitarism.
Prediction of adult height from height, bone age, and occurrence of menarche, at ages 4 to 16 with allowance for mid parent height.