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a person's age measured by matching their bone development (as shown by X rays) with bone development of an average person of known chronological age

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NASDAQ: GYNX) announced that, in a study presented here today during the American Pediatric Society (APS) meeting, its ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) compound was reported to increase breast development of Turner syndrome girls without adversely affecting their growth rate or causing inappropriate bone age advancement.
Overall, the researchers believe that bone acquisition in children and adolescents who are continuously and intensively trained from early ages follows the normal pattern only when estimated according to bone age and not to chronological age.
Studies associating LCP with delayed bone age and low birth weight have been confounded by factors, such as socioeconomic status, smoking, and steroid use in premature infants.
Bone age was determined by same pediatric endocrinologist using a left-wrist radiograph and was assessed according to the method of Greulich and Pyle (13).
Mohan, however, said filing a chargesheet against the sixth accused, who is a minor, would take some time as the court concerned would first go through the bone age report and other related documents.
In this study, the effect of chronic ATH on growth was examined by comparing weight, height, Standard deviation score (SDS), body mass index (BMI), bone age, IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 values before and after adenotonsillectomy in 40 children with ATH between the ages of 4 and 10 years in whom no other cause for growth failure could be found.
Additional functionality includes gestational age correction and bone age plotting.
This strategy should in theory also allow detection of nonclassic 21OHD, which is important for ensuring accurate differentiation of individuals with a spectrum of enzyme deficit from healthy individuals and thus anticipating problems that otherwise would present later in childhood, such as early development of sexual hair and advanced bone age.
Dental and petrous bone age estimations of individuals were then compared.
These girls also will have advanced bone age but premature closure of epiphyses, "so, ultimately, they have short adult stature," she said.
Chest radiography confirmed the pneumonia but interestingly a radiographic skeletal survey revealed severe generalised osteopenia, multiple rib fractures and delayed bone age.
Paediatrician Luo Xiaoping told the Austrian Times: "Although he is 22 years old, his height is about the same as a nine-month-old, and his bone age is the equivalent of a 1-year-old.