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Synonyms for bondmaid

a female bound to serve without wages

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a female slave

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(1989) Unhurried Thoughts at my Funeral (2005) and The Bondmaid. (1995).
Then, we will read an excerpt from, or if we have time, the whole of Lim's The Bondmaid so that we can have a discussion about colonialism, language and genres.
Objectives--My contention is that Lim has appropriated the British Victorian genre in her novel The Bondmaid (see George P.
He did not marry any woman before her neither did he marry any woman nor have any bondmaids while she was still with him until she died.
"Both thy bondmen and thy bondmaids, which thou shall have, shall be of the Heathen that are round about thee; of them shall you have bondmen and bondmaids.
the heathen that are round about you: of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.