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Synonyms for agent

Synonyms for agent

that by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

a person who secretly observes others to obtain information

Synonyms for agent

any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau

the semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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These Platamid compounds were compared to industrial methods, namely the use of a nitrile rubber dissolution and the Chemosil X6025 available bonding agent.
For the first 10 specimens from each sub group, each bonding agent was light cured immediately after application.
The present study was undertaken to compare the shear bond strength of this new generation bonding adhesive (Smartbond) with a conventionally used dental composite (Right on) bonding agent (TP Orthodontics).
Having a record of skipping out on bail will surely make a bonding agent think twice about taking on a potential client.
He published an article on multistate taxation and organized two seminars for bonding agents and construction company owners.
The second highest growth rate is found in the bonding agent market.
Attempts to improve such problematic tooth surfaces and increase retention have been made by better cleaning methods (air polishing, air abrasion), different preparation techniques (widening of the fissure), and application of fluoridated FS or using a bonding agent in an attempt to increase enamel resistance and decrease microleakage with better adaptation of those materials to the enamel surface [Heifetz et al.
A 6th generation product has two steps (the same as 5th), but instead of the primer and bonding agent mixed together, the etch and primer are mixed together.
Maxi-Brush is ideal for applying bonding agent into post-space preparations, onlays, inlays, and porcelain veneers.
Bay City, MI-based West System has launched West System Brand 206 Slow Hardener, a bonding agent designed to harden and cure slowly during epoxy projects.
Bentonite clay is much-used in the metalcasting industry as a bonding agent in green sand molds.
It offers a tighter seal than the previous system, which relied on an epoxy bonding agent.
Among the unique properties of cyanoacrylates that attracted attention in orthodontics was their ability to polymerize, or harden at room temperature without the need for any bonding agent or a catalyst.
The refection film of the first layer is semi-transparent and the bonding agent is transparent, providing instant access from the first to the second layer.
If required it can also be used as a bonding agent to stick seeds, crumbs or other similar coatings to food products such as speciality breads.