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Synonyms for bonding

a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child)

(dentistry) a technique for repairing a tooth

fastening firmly together


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A reactive gas treatment, different from that used on polyethylene, had to be developed to affect greater bonding between rubber and polyurethane.
But where post-molding operations such as bonding are involved, transfer can be a costly, time-consuming problem, resulting in knit line or bonding failure, or an additional process to remove the transfer.
For this stock, both high temperature and higher film thickness were required to achieve good bonding. The combination of the highest cure temperature, 204 degrees C, and the highest solids level, 20%, gave primary bond results of greater than 90% rubber retention.
Prebake is the period of time the coated parts reside in the mold before rubber is introduced for bonding.
In spite of the fact that these release agents also deter optimal bonding later, their use is widespread and will probably continue indefinitely.
Successful bonding has also been achieved to canvas shoe uppers.
(Part two of Rubber-to-metal bonding agents will appear in the April issue).
If you live in the Humble, Kingwood, Spring, Tomball, Huffman or Crosby area and are in need of a bail bond or bail bonding advice you can contact Merino Bail Bonds at 281-812-BOND (2663) they are available 24 hours a day.
However, the primers and bonding resin have been combined.
Urethanes are used for bonding SMC, FRP, ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic sheet, and polyurethanes.
Merino bail Bonds is known for its quick, reliable, and affordable bonding service for both large and small bonds, non-arrest bonds, traffic bonds, felony bonds, misdemeanor bonds and much more.
This article outlines a new patented technology for bonding extruded elastomer profiles to generic double-sided pressure-sensitive self adhesive (PSA) tapes in an on-line process to reduce material, labor and production costs.
Good bonding to both nylon 6 and 66 has been achieved with two-shot and insert injection molding as well as coextrusion, DSM reports.
Researchers have now identified a previously unnoticed type of bonding between two hydrogen atoms belonging to different molecules.
While the methylene blue clay measures active bonding capacity, the AFS clay measures the total of calcined (dead) clay and other fines and indicates any problems with rebonding that may be anticipated.