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a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation

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Georgiades, the bondholders said, must stop recommending that bondholders resort to trials and courts.
People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said it was farcical that bondholders were being paid for information on how to deal with the banking crisis.
African Copper Plc (TSX: ACU)(AIM:ACU)(BOTSWANA:AFRICAN COPPER), a UK-based company that explores and develops copper deposits in the Republic of Botswana, has announced a proposed debt and equity subscription by Natasa Mining Limited (Natasa) and a debt for equity swap with the company's bondholders (bondholders) and certain major creditors.
France and elsewhere around the world more than 70 years ago (worth billions today), refused to pay and have been trying to avoid having to honor their obligations since the end of World War II," said Ed Fagan, bondholder and lawyer involved with the cases.
Telewest Communications - the smaller of the UK's two cable groups - yesterday admitted it will have to sit down with its bondholders to rework a pounds 3.
Bondholders were told by their financial advisers after a series of meetings between the telecoms equipment company, two of its banks and a committee of bondholders, that there is no timetable for Marconi's debt restructuring or the implementation of a new business plan.
The International Monetary Fund and bondholders flex their muscles over the developing country's debt.
Some telecoms are agreeing to make these extraordinary payments to bondholders to cut their debt and eliminate bondholder pressure.
and the collapse of Lincoln cost thousands of Lincoln bondholders, many of them elderly, nearly $289 million.
The brief report 'Limited Debt Covenant Protection for Motorola Bondholders in LBO' provides a detailed LBO scenario as well as additional analysis on Motorola's bond indentures.
Ritter Ranch is in talks with its bondholders to try to keep the master-planned community out of default on a $50 million bond issue.
All but two of the triggering events that terminate the prepaid gas agreement are optional as opposed to mandatory (such as Merrill Lynch's failure to supply gas or make a payment), introducing greater reliance on the Authority to act in the best interests of bondholders.
The Negative Outlook incorporates the potential for transformational deals over the intermediate-term that would be negative to bondholders.
The results will be summarized on the Stanford bondholder web pages (http://bondholder-information.