bonded labor

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a practice in which employers give high-interest loans to workers whose entire families then labor at low wages to pay off the debt

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In both cases, the forced labor slaves were brought from Odisha, a state where traffickers prey on vulnerable people living in poverty by offering jobs and an advance loan, only to trap them in bonded labor by using violence and other scare tactics, as well as charging exorbitant interest on the initial loan that keeps them indebted to the owner.
The economic model of bonded labor dates back centuries.
For poor sharecroppers, selling children into bonded labor is often the only way to pay for food, medicine, or other necessities.
One day, Iqbal Masih, a former carpet boy, leads a parade in the village as he informs everyone about the new laws that have abolished bonded labor.
For the Adivasis, or indigenous peoples, denied access to their forests and displaced from sites of large dams; for the Dalits, or historically oppressed castes, who are still held in bonded labor in parts of the country; or for rural Maoist guerrillas who evoke loyalty and terror among the landless disaffected, independence is still pending.
Debt bondage, known also as bonded labor, is the most customary type of slavery found in the world today, most commonly imposed upon children because children are much easier to exploit than are adults.
Traffickers deprive their victims of their basic human dignity, subject them to inhuman and degrading treatment, and treat them as chattel that can be bought and sold into forced and bonded labor across international and within national borders.
Concerns about forced labor focus mainly on unpaid prison labor and bonded labor.
Nonetheless, the case studies investigate a wide array of coercive regimes, ranging from convict labor in Australia to concentration camp and prison camp labor in Germany and the Soviet Union; from bonded labor in India to undocumented labor in California's agricultural sector; from legally sanctioned indigenous debt peonage in Guatemala to illegal forms of peonage practiced in the Amazonian regions of contemporary Brazil.
Nepal declared illegal Monday the system of bonded labor in a move that will have a far-reaching effect on the country's agricultural workforce.
Child bonded labor may be inherent through familial apprenticeships, or children subjected to bondage and sold outright by poverty-stricken parents.
City vendors must sign a document attesting that the products North Olmsted purchases, rents, or leases were not made using child or forced labor, which includes prison and indentured or bonded labor.
These myths hold that bonded labor and child labor are inevitable products of India's poverty.
Many of the district vigilance committees mandated by law and charged with curbing bonded labor continued to be inactive or ineffectual, the report said.
He said due to some constraints and challenges, human trafficking is difficult to control completely which include decrease in PACHTO cases and bonded labor has enhanced human trafficking problems as one percent of the population is bonded laborers.