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Synonyms for bondable

capable of being fastened or secured with a rope or bond


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capable of holding together or cohering

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To meet the growing demand for bondable TPEs in medical devices, RTP Company is helping product designers and OEMs by streamlining the material selection process with products that have been pre-tested for biocompatibility," said Josh Blackmore, RTP Company's Global Healthcare Manager.
need him, so the company must be worth at least $5 million in bondable insurance, he says.
A joint venture affiliate with Lexington Corporate Properties Trust, a real estate investment trust based in New York, purchased the property, which is subject to a long-term, triple-net, bondable lease with Dana Corporation.
A variety of terminations are available, including solderable, epoxy bondable and wire bondable styles.
SaniPure-60 offers high biocompatibility and is heat sealable, bondable, weldable, and moldable for custom assembly fabrications.
with power rating of 70 mW Termination styles include solderable nickel barrier, epoxy bondable and gold wire bondable.
Value Plastics offers our full line of solvent bondable components that help make designing a new fitting less frustrating.
The first component includes a heat bondable polymer and a water-dispersible polymer that remains stable in the presence of an aqueous solution having greater than about 1000 ppm of a kosmotrope and disperses in a period not exceeding 30 minutes in an aqueous solution having less than about 1000 ppm of a kosmotrope.
ENIG plated printed circuit boards are more durable, aluminum wire bondable and provide an excellent electrical contacting surface.