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an evaluation by a rating company of the probability that a particular bond issue will default

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The City's strong bond rating is a great benefit for our community and a reflection of the excellent financial stewardship of our financial resources," said Mayor Ivy R.
A very favorable bond rating is highly coveted by municipalities because it signals to investors that a community has its fiscal house in order and has the potential for much growth in its tax base.
2004) use Moody's bond ratings (n = 333) as their dependent variable; they employ logistic regression since bond rating data are polychotomous.
If the DWP's bond rating is downgraded, it could be hit with interest payments of $2 million a year higher than anticipated.
When fed detailed, publicly available financial information on companies issuing bonds, the neural network predicted established bond ratings better than the typical mathematical procedures used by bond raters, says Shekhar.
A bond rating for a municipality is equivalent to a credit rating for a consumer.
Once we do our financial turnaround and get things straightened out, the bond rating will go back up.
Because of the quality of our ratings, we have been able to grow our market share in a very short period of time," said Kim Diamond, Senior Managing Director and Head of Structured Finance at Kroll Bond Rating Agency.
The bond rating is the reward for fiscal prudence," said Robert R.
They said while some delay would be acceptable, agencies issuing bonds to the DWP could downgrade the municipal utility's bond rating by the summer, costing about $2.
today became the final of the three major Wall Street bond-rating agencies to upgrade Pennsylvania's bond rating since the start of the Ridge Administration.
NEW YORK -- Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA), a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO), today released three Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) Criteria publications, which provide detailed insight into the process that KBRA uses to rate Single Borrower CMBS transactions and evaluate CMBS Servicers.
A bond rating agency has raised a red flag about the city's fiscal health, citing its "thin financial position," combined with anticipated additional reductions in reserves this fiscal year and a $21 million budget gap next fiscal year.
The state already has the nation's lowest bond rating, and bond-rating houses have put it on a credit watch for a possible further downgrade - to junk-bond status.
AA- Bond Rating Goes From Negative to Stable Improving Marketability and