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Synonyms for bonce

informal terms for a human head

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Well, the blame for what little we have left of an ozone layer can be laid squarely on the back-combed bonces of this trio of '80s hair-spray metal bands from the US.
Two wee Irish nyaffs with tidal waves on their bonces are being hailed as the stars of the National TV Awards and tipped as the next big thing.
The first Battle of the Bonces is set for November at Old Trafford when Mourinho will be hoping Andriy Shevchenko can leave Ferdinand tearing his hair out.
After a little scratching of bonces, the decision was taken to let the train take the strain.
The ballooning bonces set the tone for the rest of the game.
He had his nose broken during a game of head tennis when he clashed bonces with a friend of Derek Redmond.