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a candy that usually has a center of fondant or fruit or nuts coated in chocolate

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Newcomer Bonbon Batiller added 15 markers, five boards and three dimes in his debut, while starting point guard JP Calvo chipped in 12 points and eight rebounds.
More than 19 families at Sitio Matin-ao, Barangay Bonbon, this city already fled their homes and sought temporarily sheltered at Bonbon Elementary School.
His main course, "Fred Perry's Pork Tie", featured a pig's head bonbon and pork loin with cumin.
The Sellout examines race relations in contemporary America and is narrated by African-American BonBon whose hometown of Dicks in Los Angeles county has been removed from the map to save California from embarrassment.
In the book, Bonbon is being tried in the Supreme Court for trying to reinstitute slavery and segregation in the local high school as way bringing about civic order.
Amsterdam-based fashion house Viktor & Rolf presents Bonbon Couture a new edition of the cute and fashionable Bonbon fragrance.
Given a gloss of respectability by the tastefulness of Garcia's style, the genteel photography of Christophe Beaucarne, an unobjectionable score from Daniel Pemberton, a performance of tremulous commitment from Marion Cotillard, and a certain ineffable Frenchness, this bonbon might have enough to woo those who equate "French" with "artistic.
GLASS JARS Round bonbon glass jar, Shabby Store, www.
While it's all a good way to start gaining complete fundamental knowledge and basic skills of working with chocolate, one will introduce you to the creation of truffles, ganache, praline and bonbon based on some time-tested classic ingredients.
The acts include Bettsie Bonbon, a former Lloyds underwriter with a law degree whose fiance Spencer is from Coventry.
The ingredients of the disputed product, BonBon Noire, Evropa representatives say, have been the same for 50 years and were registered in an Evropa catalogue for the first time in 1982.
The new Bonbon Eau de Parfum has a creamy, caramel accord for a melt-in-yourmouth spritzing moment, from PS50 for 30ml (www.
Pochet du Courval worked with the creative team from Viktor and Rolf fragrances to produce the unique Bonbon shaped bottle for the brand's latest fragrance (please see more at BeautyPackaging.
It had been a year since her 81/2-year-old Chihuahua, Bonbon, had gone missing in Worcester.
Een varken houdt een eikel heel precies voorin zijn bek, zoals ik me voorstel dar een dame in een literaire salon een bonbon eet terwijl ze luistert naar een jonge dichter.