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Synonyms for bonanza

Synonyms for bonanza

an especially rich vein of precious ore

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a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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Bonanzas are famous for their speed and justifiably so.
Apart from the tail waggle, passengers give Bonanzas high marks.
Next stop is the Kirklees Active Leisure games at Whitcliffe Mount on June 23, followed by the Birmingham Bonanza the following day.
Bonanza defeated Cascade Christian 28-25 seven weeks ago and went on to win the league title while the Challengers placed second.
Bonanza had won two playoff games in school history before this season, but has wins over Glendale, Pilot Rock, and Culver in this postseason.
Baco-Taylor calls the fourth and final fate of a sunken whale "the reef stage." The multitudes of creatures have at last exhausted the nutritional bonanza, and the makeup of the community shifts to undersea animals that thrive on craggy structures.
I even offered to lead a campaign among American Bonanza Society Members, but to no avail.
Regarding your reporting of the Bonanza's tail-wagging tendencies, this must be one of those it-will-never-be-resolved issues.
The H-model represents what Larry Ball in his book, The Incomparable Bonanzas, calls the beginning of a second generation of Bonanzas.
TBO on all of the engines that have gone into the "straight" (non-turbo) 36 Bonanzas is 1700 hours, with the estimated overhaul cost on the 520 currently at $30,000 or so and $33,000 for the 550.
A lot of mods are available for Bonanzas, from STOL kits (Sierra, to engine swaps (D'Shannon Aviation's IO-550,, to speed brakes (Precise Flight, to TKS anti-ice systems from CAV Aerospace at
Some 233 were built the first year, compared to over 800 Comanche 250s and 400 35 Bonanzas. Still, the airplane proved popular enough for Beech to continue with it and changes were made almost immediately.
The 36 series Bonanzas have a deserved reputation as one of the best single-engine airplanes ever built.
Atlantic Aero has been doing just that for about three years and has achieved good market acceptance of its 550 conversions for Bonanzas and Cessna 210s.
Bonanza, which ran from 1959 to 1973, recounted the adventures of the tight-knit Cartwright clanthe patriarch Ben, his three sons Adam, Hoss, and Little Joeand the goings-on at their sprawling Ponderosa ranch.