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Synonyms for bonanza

Synonyms for bonanza

an especially rich vein of precious ore

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a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

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Bonanza brings an 11-game winning streak into its first state championship football game this afternoon.
Bonanza defeated Cascade Christian 28-25 seven weeks ago and went on to win the league title while the Challengers placed second.
The bonanza grade silver occurrence was originally identified in a three-foot long intercept in drillhole YK01-D between 120 and 123 feet, with a true width of 2.
The bonanza silver occurrence is positioned just above the carbonate/lower monzonite porphyry contact.
Our campaign, with the support of the Ponderosa and Bonanza franchisees across the U.
The program runs from March 31 through June 30 and even includes a simulated fast food receipt on the Ponderosa and Bonanza web sites and in free-standing newspaper inserts.
PLANO, Texas -- Ponderosa Steakhouse and Bonanza Steakhouse are sweetening up summer with new flavored beverages.
PLANO, Texas -- Ponderosa Steakhouse and Bonanza Steakhouse have announced the hiring of Jay Sullivan as culinary manager.
PLANO, Texas -- Ponderosa Steakhouse and Bonanza Steakhouse, famous for their All-You-Can-Eat buffet, are adding entree platters to the menu to create a brand new customer experience.
We're a steakhouse rich with heritage and this gives our guests a premium product for a great price," said Steve Welsh, vice president of marketing for Ponderosa and Bonanza.