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having honest intentions


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However, the problem was he "did not establish by clear and convincing evidence" that his marriage to his US citizen first wife was bona fide. In other words, even though he had a green card for several years, and, in approving the green card, USCIS was satisfied his first marriage was bona fide, USCIS reopened HIS adjustment case as part of processing his petition for his second wife, and concluded his first marriage was fixed.
" The Decision concluded that because the person did not establish by clear and convincing evidence that he had a bona fide marriage with his first wife, or that he and his first wife shared the emotional, economic or domestic bonds normally associated with marriage, his current petition for his second wife was being denied.
"Vijay Mallya has to prove his bona fides by presenting himself for suitable negotiation and presenting a contingency plan that he is getting money from X and Y and then he will pay to the banks," senior advocate Shyam Divan, appearing for the consortium of banks, said.
Taking on record the submissions, the bench said "Respondents (Mallya and his companies) should disclose all the properties - movable, immovable, tangible, intangible - and shareholding, both in India and abroad, to show his bona fides for the substantial negotiation," the bench said.
Bona Fides: Special Commendation, Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival; lead actress, Sarajevo Film Festival.
Bona Fides: Actress winner, Venice Film Festival; Israeli Ophirs for director, actress and script, as well as film of the year.
Demonstracao da terceira tese.--Critica de Bruns a respeito da influencia da escusabilidade.--Critica de Wachter acerca da separacao entre o titulo putativo e a bona fides.--Argumentos para a correlacao historica e logica entre o exaurimento da iusta causa possidendi ou usucapionis e, por sua vez, o exsurgir da iusta causa erroris ao lado da bona fides.
Acerca da bona fides, independentemente do ambito e da funcao que esta tenha na usucapiao, revolvem-se as seguintes questoes, que correspondem mais intimamente a sua essencia e poderiam ser encaradas quase como questoes prejudiciais: Deve-se conceber a boa fe como um estado etico ou como um estado psicologico (um erro)?
However, if you have filed a joint petition to remove conditions (or a waiver of the joint petition and are filing on your own) and are being called in for an interview, that could be a sign your case has certain problems, whether it is the bona fides of the marriage, possible fraud issues etc.
In such a situation, I would strongly recommend to seek the advice of an attorney, who can evaluate your situation, and possibly represent you at that interview and make sure your case is properly documented and demonstrates the bona fides of your marriage.
The transferor/parent and the tax adviser must ensure that the requisite bona fides have been followed so that the transferee/children are treated as the substantive owners of the underlying stock.
Conversely, in Kirkpatrick, TC Memo 1977-281, the court found that transfers of S stock by a father and mother to their minor children were economically substantive and bona fide. The mother, who was the custodial owner of the children's stock, took an active role in corporate governance and general corporate affairs.
It started within a month, when he accepted the notion that the White House had to provide its bona fides in the form of arms demanded by and given to the "dissidents," who turned out to be elements of the Khomeini regime.
2053(c)(1) limits such claims to those that were contracted for bona fide and for an adequate and full consideration in money or money's worth.
Key in establishing the validity of such a note is that it be contracted for bona fide and for adequate and full consideration.