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Synonyms for bon vivant

bon viveur

Synonyms for bon vivant

a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

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There were also some interesting paradoxes in Dalley: a strong Catholic yet an advocate of religious tolerance; a respected member of and spokesman for his Church who occasionally crossed swords with its clergy; a man of Irish convict descent who successfully transcended his origins to become a leading member of respectable society and who had a statue posthumously erected in his honour; an opponent of Imperial expansion in the Pacific who despatched a NSW military contingent to assist the Empire in the Sudan; a bon viveur occasionally chided for idleness who worked prodigiously hard as Attorney-General.
The Lichfield-born bon viveur wrote the first recognised English Dictionary in the 18th Century.
In fact, the most aristocratic offering actually sports three storeys, which may prove somewhat of an impediment to the dedicated bon viveur.
Friends said bon viveur Mr Hesketh died as he had lived - with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigar in the other.
THIS is radical new ground for director Mike Leigh - a gorgeous bio-pic of Gilbert and Sullivan starring Jim Broadbent as the eternally gloomy William Gilbert and Alun Cordoner as the bon viveur Arthur Sullivan.
Two interesting minor adepts are revealed by Dirk Geirnaert, on the Bruges bureaucrat and bon viveur Eduard de Dene, who pillaged the library catalogue of Pantagruel VII, and by Anne Lake Prescott, on the failed Jacobean colonist Robert Hayman, though here the connection is a touch speculative.
A diversion of sorts is provided by the murder of moneyed island hotshot Sir Harry Oakes, whose putative killer, local bon viveur Alfred de Marigny, is someone for whom Wallis may once have had "the hots.
Just in case you thought we were all singing off the same hymn or music sheet on election day, David Cameron revealed on Classic FM his old china and former Newmarket correspondent for the Racing Post Tom Goff was a brilliant music scholar and a tremendous bon viveur.
Blowers has become perhaps our greatest oenophile, a bon viveur with whom most cricket fans would enjoy sharing a satisfying lunch.
Jenkins was more radical and had a greater claim to working-class roots than many who denounced him, but his penchant for good living, and loving, and a cultivated accent not often heard in Pontypool made it easy to portray him as a Whiggish bon viveur.
Born Phyllis Nan Sortain Pechey, she and her monocle-wearing partner, Major John "Johnnie" Cradock, made their BBC debut in black and white in Kitchen Magic in 1955 and Chez Bon Viveur, The Cradocks, Giving A Dinner Party, Fanny Invites and Cradock Cooks For Christmas all followed as well as Fanny's Kitchen on ITV.
That experience may have explained an aspect of Judge Orme's later life - a reputation as something of a bon viveur and a warm and generous host," Mr Tucker said.
We also love Marcel Lucont, the suave French bon viveur and raconteur who pops up to give us British some sex tips.
MATTY RYAN, the Thurles-based jeweller, bon viveur and racing figure, died in hospital in Clonmel early on Sunday.
But Keith Floyd struck a chord with the public with his charm and his image as a bon viveur, and somehow it seemed exactly right that he would die after a generous lunch with a lady friend, washed down with ample quantities of various wines.