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bon viveur

Synonyms for bon vivant

a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

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Artists are bon vivants, and lovers of culture, food, and wine.
Other notable residents of the full-service building include fashion and design world bon vivants Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler and--coincidentally enough--Mr.
Solsolet Tapas will be bringing their authentic Spanish and Mediterranean snacks for visitors to try while their German Schwenkgrille will provide bon vivants with the chance to enjoy the true taste of Germany through the amazing avours of bratwurst, currywurst and more.
Barry added: "Our Europa League trail crisscrossed Europe, from the sweltering summer heat of Athens to the cooling breeze of Portuguese islands out in the Atlantic swell; from the Flemish canal tapestry that is Bruges to the wine-red of Bordeaux, where we all became bon vivants.
MANILA -- Since its inception at the turn of the century, the Grand Wine Experience has seen itself transform from a humble gathering of wine enthusiasts into a monumental Mecca to which bon vivants, celebrities, dignitaries, top executives and members of high society make their annual pilgrimage.
This brand is for bon vivants who believe in doing good while having a good time.
All it takes is a few episodes of Mad Men, and a whole posse of ad people gets all dewy-eyed at the thought of "the good old days", shaking their heads at how terrible it has become and how those pion- eering, entrepreneurial bon vivants have become nothing more than Bad Men.
Ed Moose fell in love with the saloon business in Gaslight Square, married it in San Francisco and became that city's premier host to athletes and journalists, bon vivants of all ages, social standing and economic position and, basically, anyone who liked to drink, eat and talk.
Members of Blondie, Devo, and the Go-Go's numbered among their fans, yet during their original mid '70s run Mumps cut only two independent singles, including the chugging classic "Crocodile Tears." (According to legend, the band blew a big record deal when Lance declined to blow a big record executive.) Like their Los Angeles counterparts Sparks, the group was ahead of its time--smart-mouthed, vintage suit--wearing bon vivants in an era of safety pins, leather jackets, and art school dropouts.
Have you become such an elitist that wine consumers must always be portrayed as bon vivants? That one must have a valid international passport to enter a wine tasting room?
Owning a pub may be high on the wish list of bon vivants -but it could help to lubricate the tax planning process for wealthy individuals.
A group French chefs, food writers, and other bon vivants has petitioned the pope to remove "la gourmandise" from the list of the Seven Deadly Sins.
After Four Saints' premiere, art dealers and bon vivants Julien Levy and Kirk Askew were both reduced to tears, saying that they "didn't know anything so beautiful could be done in America."
Playing the role of savior is the Ne Timeas Restaurant Group (the guys behind the perpetually mobbed Flour + Water and Central Kitchen), with a cocktail assist from their Mission District neighbors The Bon Vivants, who run the equally trendy bar Trick Dog.