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But Mandelbaum, usually described as "the Johns Hopkins foreign policy expert," quickly became Friedman's go-to metaphor dispenser, issuing pithy and grammatically flawless bon mots on an impressively broad range of topics, including Saudi Wahhabism ("Either we get rid of our minivans or Saudi Arabia gets rid of its textbooks"), China's entry into the World Trade Organization ("Some things are in the national interest even though the Chamber of Commerce believes them"), Iraq's insurgents ("the real fascists, the real colonialists, the real imperialists of our age"),Jacques Chirac ("France, it seems, would rather be more important in a world of chaos than less important in a world of order"), and American energy independence ("This is not just a win-win, this is a win-win-win-win-win").
Which are not bad, considering the dross scientists came up with when they researched which bon mots worked best.
Up until then things had been proceeding at such a cracking pace that there was no pause to appreciate the subtleties of the script, to savour the barbed bon mots or feel the emotional weight pressing on a woman who suddenly finds herself torn between not two but three lovers.
Unfortunately for its publisher, although the book may provide bon mots for dinner table conversation and the like, it may not gain as much traction for the domestic audience as its title suggests it was aimed to attract.
Think back for a while to the years when her bon mots delighted us for their chavvy ignorance.
Sometimes the bon mots on my calendar are not only wise but rather witty.
I hope that Brendan and Roberto are up to speed with their put downs and bon mots just in case Jose gets them in his sights.
Still, with a few spot-on bon mots like "A foreign service career is like a good limerick: It has unpredictable content in a predictable form," Kopp and Gillespie manage to steer through choppy and sometimes murky waters to describe with accuracy and intelligence the state of State and the struggling career minions at its core.
People heading across the smoke to the All England Club are already subjected to the usual summer transport travails of overcrowding and people with fetid feet in flipflops, and a barrage of bon mots from the drivers isn't going to help.
Impressing the right person at an upcoming soiree can be as easy as dropping a few choice bon mots about financial history.
My little quips and bon mots certainly kept my better half's spirits up when she was mowing the lawn on the weekend.
Of course it's not all Noel Cowardesque trills and flourishes - underpinning all those little bon mots is an extraordinary collage of musical styles, from Victorian music hall to 70s rock (ELO are a big influence), baroque to psychedelia and often all at the same time.
Though he does prefer witty bon mots to whizzing bullets.
No, this wasn't Question Time - the show was supposed to make you smile, not shout swear words - but to have a platform for one's bon mots felt pretty damned nice.
I don't necessarily agree with all her bon mots, many of which are (deservedly) biting.