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For that we must be grateful and now not least because of this eloquent bon mot from a critical friend.
I was driving around recently, looking at all of the new construction and I noticed one of those bon mots that so many churches post these days, and it asked, "Why don't we question the fairness of life when good things happen?" Yup, we tend to think we are owed the blessings, but that loss is bad luck.
OK, we're not talking comic genius here and almost certainly these bon mots are written for him, but his efforts ensure that when he speaks we're all ears, as is he.
Jamie is a rather sweet aristocratic chap whom I'm sure charms the Tory ladies with his after dinner bon mots.
Of course it's not all Noel Cowardesque trills and flourishes - underpinning all those little bon mots is an extraordinary collage of musical styles, from Victorian music hall to 70s rock (ELO are a big influence), baroque to psychedelia and often all at the same time.
Though not lacking in space, its 2013 international theatre festival includes several intimate productions, such as Anglo-Belgian collective Reckless Sleepers sitting down with its audience to The Last Supper, a melange of deathbed bon mots and final meals.
The resulting skyscraper of bon mots, 1970s rock music, and more is carefully stacked, with each element placed exactly so, and the entire edifice stands tall and strong.
Though he does prefer witty bon mots to whizzing bullets.
I don't necessarily agree with all her bon mots, many of which are (deservedly) biting.
Many characters who reportedly uttered memorable lines have refused ownership of their bon mots; considering that some of the content of the cables would clearly qualify as treason
And to judge from the mannered poses Harper adopts to assist in the delivery of these stilted bon mots, she didn't get a heap of help from helmer Rob Ruggiero, who directed the show's premiere at the Pasadena Playhouse and subsequent productions in Palm Beach, Fla., and Washington, D.C.
Still, with a few spot-on bon mots like "A foreign service career is like a good limerick: It has unpredictable content in a predictable form," Kopp and Gillespie manage to steer through choppy and sometimes murky waters to describe with accuracy and intelligence the state of State and the struggling career minions at its core.
People heading across the smoke to the All England Club are already subjected to the usual summer transport travails of overcrowding and people with fetid feet in flipflops, and a barrage of bon mots from the drivers isn't going to help.
Impressing the right person at an upcoming soiree can be as easy as dropping a few choice bon mots about financial history.
"THE devil makes work for idle hands so what the devil are you up to?" Sometimes the bon mots on my calendar are not only wise but rather witty.