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a sighting device in an aircraft for aiming bombs

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But when Zodiac attempted to sell some overseas for use on military planes, the company learned it would need the same State Department approval as if it were selling bombsights.
It is only now that his work has been translated into English and edited, revealing how strategy and tactics in French aviation warfare developed as the war progressed to include simple bomb-dropping, creating and effectively using bombsights, targeting based on intelligence, flying in formation and as escorts, and using aerial photography to assess damage.
This 461-page study showcases pioneering French efforts in the technology and tactics of bombing enemy forces from the air including the development of aerial bombs, bomb-dropping mechanisms, bombsights, intelligence-based targeting packages, formation flying, night flying and navigation, long-range fighter escorts, and aerial photography for bomb damage assessment.
Johnson managed production quotas, meeting both domestic and allied needs for the most technologically updated planes while retaining for the United States the strategic advantage of the most advanced bombsights. Johnson stepped up production of the B-17 Flying Fortress needed in hemispheric defense and long-range operations.
In spite of efforts to improve bombsights and strengthen aircrafts' load-carrying capacities, accurate bombardment was at first thought to be too difficult an undertaking to make it a worthwhile endeavor.
Newcastle-born Warrant Officer George Darling, the bomb aimer, was in the nose of the plane, looking through the bombsights.
Worse, neither country spent the time and resources necessary to build a true strategic air arm, plan its use, determine its targets, or even seriously address key issues like bomb types, fuzes, navigation aids, bombsights, and defensive armament.
When the American army was surrounded, you had to have planes with bombsights and the bombsights needed certain bearings.
"Canada has become a haven and a jumping-off point for terrorists with America in their bombsights," writes Ben Wattenberg, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.
As one bombardier said, "When I'm bending over that bombsight trying to get lined up on one of those Jap ships and the bullets start coming through the windows in front of me, they take my mind off my work." (3) Moreover, bombsights did not work, bombs did not release properly, and various human errors occurred.
The Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) produced advanced aviation equipment for the Navy, from the Norden bombsights used in World War II to the guidance systems for the Patriot missiles used in the Persian Gulf War.
He was also involved in the manufacture of optics for bombsights in the war effort.
The twenty woodcuts, some printed without borders in stark black and red, incorporated newspaper photos of air strikes and the pattern of bombsights superimposed upon terror-stricken peasants.
Modern war, Hitler further argued, required precision optics in large quantities for bombsights and other devices, and there were no skilled optical workers in America.
At the time of the P.K.H., Vietnamese people took the form of heroic concept, spectral images on television or, for may young Americans, of targets through bombsights or gun barrels.