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a sighting device in an aircraft for aiming bombs

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With sophisticated instruments, including the Sperry and later Norden bombsights, the American bombers could theoretically hit targets, such as key factories or transportation hubs or oil refineries, with precision.
I worked in the bombsight department for two years before leaving for Long Beach, California.
Anti-aircraft flak grew more accurate and his plane was hit numerous times including one burst that shattered the Plexiglas nose, knocking the then-Lieutenant Fouts away from his bombsight. As the citation states, "Though partially blinded by glass particles and dazed from the concussion of the burst, the gallant officer resumes position and accurately synchronized on target." Almost 80% of the formation's bombs landed right on target.
Heavy bombers, even if equipped with the Norden bombsight, seldom were successful in pinpoint attacks.
Scott, a former soldier turned inventor, wrote an article entitled "Dropping Bombs from Flying Machines: The Aeroplane as an Offensive Weapon of War." At the time, Scott, whose military service had been with the coastal artillery, was testing an aerial bombsight at the Army's new flight school at College Park, Maryland, and thus had a stake in persuading the public that military forces could prosecute effective bombardment from the air.
I give thanks to God for our survival, but somehow I could never quite picture God sitting at the controls of a bomber or squinting through a bombsight deciding which of his creatures should survive and which should die.
And reminiscent of World War II days when a bombardier would disable or destroy his Norden bombsight before bailing out of a disabled B-17, a handheld user can set a "Bomb" to go off in the handheld device that will destroy all the data.
Then came the problem with the bearings for the Norden bombsight, and I was called upon to troubleshoot.
Novices benefit from a selection of training missions, which take you through the basics of landing and taking off, using a Norden Bombsight in a USAF bomber and torpedoing merchant shipping in a German Junkers.
You'll get to learn how to fly the B-17G, with all of the control switches reproduced in detail from pilot's position to bombardier's bombsight. Even battle damage is reproduced from bullet holes, fires, even scorch marks.
On this occasion, sub-formations bombed on a signal from the leader and it was therefore unnecessary for our navigator/bomb aimer to operate the bombsight and call course corrections on the run-up to the target.
(Reading Proust in a scroll window, I once suggested, is like viewing Normandy through a bombsight.)
As evidence of the union's divine sanction, the clouds part "magically" for the bombardier, who "Presses / Forehead devoutly to the cushion of the bombsight," and thus consummates the non-procreative marriage of humanity and technology.
Discussions of the development of US strategic bombing theory leading up to World War II often focus on several elements as the main impetus behind this key component of airpower: the works of key individuals such as Generals Billy Mitchell and Benjamin Foulois, the emergence of enabling technologies such as long-range aircraft and the Norden bombsight, and organizational decisions such as the creation of General Headquarters Air Force.