bombing run

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that part of the flight that begins with the approach to the target

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Moscow [Russia], Jul 10 ( ANI ): The People's Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) has warned the United States of nuclear war, after it carried out live-fire bombing run near North Korea border.
"I thought: 'bloody hell!' "But John managed to feather the engine (rotate the propellor blades parallel to the airflow to reduce drag) and we went round to do the bombing run on three engines.
The Jewish child and his family are forced to wear a yellow star by the government; when they are taken away to a concentration camp, Otto is given to the German boy, until a bombing run rips Otto from the house.
But in the process of this bombing run,it looks as though they had to break away from the target at least for a period and there is no way to determine whether or not that had anything to do with the fact that civilian casualties did occur in this incident ,he said.
When a simulated bombing run went wrong, the world lucked out; the bomb washed up in British Columbia, Canada--a nation with sense enough not to do the world wrong with it.
Shot down on a top-secret bombing run over enemy territory, German immigrant Dieter (Bale) is captured by Pathet Lao soldiers.
Such concern, the British newspaper added, has been heightened by Israel's bombing run in Syria in September, which is widely believed to have targeted a nascent nuclear reactor.
Ted certainly comes to life for us right from page one as he sits next to Captain Hansen waiting to take off for his first bombing run over Germany.
On a flak suppression mission for a major raid against Nam Dinh, North Vietnam, his aircraft received crippling fire as he pulled out of his bombing run. He ejected over the target area and ended up being a POW for the next six years.
Losses were so high that crews were sent home after their 25 missions, and the percentages were such that most airmen figured they had a 100% chance of dying before they finished that final bombing run.
There the "dreamy fantasy talkers" are correctly identified as those who say one more bombing run and we'll have peace, one more execution on death row and we'll be safer, one more beating of my kid and he'll clean up his room.
He tells the story of an American plane that, on a bombing run to Silesia on April 4, 1944, inadvertently photographed Auschwitz, only to have this evidence of the death camp go undetected by military analysts focused on the nearby I.G.
Villagers of Plaus found the ring where the B-24 bomber crashed on April 8, 1945, during a bombing run targeting a railroad bridge in the town of Vipiteno.
Pedro Rossello that reopened the Vieques bombing range after protesters occupied it following the death of a civilian security guard during a botched bombing run on April 19, 1999.
What was it like to fly back across the English Channel, bombing run completed, one engine shot out, praying the other would get you home?