bombing run

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that part of the flight that begins with the approach to the target

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Brigadier General Harmon was Arnold's chief of staff, and Hap, who couldn't have been surprised that his gungho top flyer would want to lead the bombing run on Japan, had no doubt expected Harmon to turn down Doolittle's request too.
Only one F-4 was seen conducting a bombing run against ground targets in the footage, which was shot by the Qatar-based Arab television outlet Al-Jazeera.
Training flights included occasional squadron formation flights, antisubmarine patrols and practice bombing runs against an old barge in the lagoon.
Throughout the preflight briefing, safety parameters are noted - a 1,000-foot floor for a simulated bombing run, an 8,000-foot floor for simulated air-to-air combat, and an overall maximum altitude of 18,000 feet, a limit mandated because a passenger riding in one of the aircraft hasn't had a medical clearance to go above that altitude.
The Pentagon said the convoy was destroyed in the bombing run, which occurred late on Friday night.
The announced withdrawal came a day after Ethiopia's warplanes took the attack to Eritrea's capital for the first time since near the start of the war, shocking Eritreans with a daylight bombing run on a military airstrip just three miles from the half-million population city of Asmara.
Unreal Tournament 2004 contains new maps for all established game modes, including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Bombing Run and Double Domination, as well as all new arenas for the two additional styles of play - Onslaught and Assault.
The group was also shown a declassified version of an F-22 flight simulator and was run through three battle simulations - an air-to-air combat with four Russian-built fighters, a bombing run, and a battle against an integrated air defense system featuring enemy fighters and ground-to-air missiles.
The Pentagon said the bombing run occurred late on Friday night near Khowst, south-west of Tora Bora.
Unreal Tournament 2004" contains new maps for all established game modes, including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Bombing Run and Double Domination.
Austin recovered from a bombing run on a target near Kumson but was struck by a 37mm round.
This is a bigger, tighter, better game and bringing back Assault mode and adding Onslaught are enough to justify buying it without getting all the maps included from 2003 plus more new maps It's intense, blazingly fast and has 10 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Invasion, Mutant, Capture the Flag, Bombing Run, Last Man Standing, Double Domination, Assault, and Onslaught.
Coming in low, the Yaks straddled the ships with their bombing run.
His finger, thumb and palm prints have been found on a number of exhibits not on the bomb lorry itself, of course, because that was virtually destroyed in the explosion but his prints were found on items which the prosecution suggest can be inextricably linked both to the practice run and the bombing run itself.
Tom O'Connor SC, prosecuting said: "The form that conspiracy took was to loan two mobile phones to persons he knew, or contemplated, wanted those phones to carry out a bombing run to Northern Ireland.