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an unexploded bomblet

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The three members of the Bombie Trio nodded along excitedly as they added muscle to the traditional instruments of Nubian Drums, making a kind of music with surprising similarities to popular, shaabi music.
The Bombie Trio and Nubian Drums traded numbers, each discovering a way to play along with the other's repertoire.
In Mother Bombie, although the character Mother Bombie plays only a tertiary role in the plot, the principal recourse of the more important characters is to have her tell their fortunes.
Along with the title Baron of Bombie, it comes with half an acre of land and a rather run-down cottage.
The second photo is taken around the same time on Lindley Street Bombie, and is of Joe's old friend Jimmy Proctor.
When meteorologist Ben Matson green lights a mission to the west coast, the team track and ride a swell at the treacherous Cow Bombie, the very break that nearly killed Tom years earlier.
implies that Mother Bombie was a considerable success, and was
Woman in the Moon and Mother Bombie, as noted above, were issued in the
50 Hopsrig, pounds 31 Kirkhouse Farm, pounds 26 Bombie.
47) The next play, Mother Bombie, contains no royal or divine figures.
Except in Midas, the servants in the final plays cease to occupy a "subplot" The servants in Mother Bombie dominate the action of the play and help to engineer its outcome.
However, specific accounts identifying the weapon paint a familiar picture in cameos: five young boys were killed on 24 April near Doganovic in Kosovo when they tried to pry open a cluster munition; in June, two British peacekeepers were killed while defusing an American cluster bombie in a school yard; three young men died and seven others were hospitalised near the village of Jahoc in July when they tried to pry open a cluster bombie; in April, a police officer in Tropoje in northern Albania died after picking up a Serbian fired cluster bombie.
More recently, after the Gulf War, unexploded bombies from modern cluster bombs dropped by American, British and French coalition forces are estimated to have killed or injured thousands of Iraqi and Kuwaiti civilians and impeded post-war recovery.
Former RSC boss Adrian Noble keeps the direction crisp and the scene changes seamless, and the big song and dance numbers (Toot Sweets, Me Ol' Bamboo, The Bombie Samba) are choreographed with freshness and fun by David Morgan.
Bombies looks at the devastating effects of the bombing and what's being done to disarm those that remain.