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the crew of a bomber

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above, was shot down over Berlin in 1944 |and, left, the passing out ceremony for the Lancaster Bomber crew who all lost their lives
Veterans have joined senior members of the Royal Air Force for a ceremony to lay the foundation stone of a monument to thousands of RAF bomber crew who lost their lives during the Second World War.
There were 100,000 bomber crew members killed during the war in Europe.
The names of the navigational aids used to aid the bomber crew are well known: Gee, Oboe and H2S airborne radar, but Wakelam shows the OR boffins at work, assessing the effectiveness of each, suggesting improvements in the way each was used, and then assessing the results.
Here he describes his investigations, at once presenting a portrait of a B-17 bomber crew during World War II and demonstrating to others how to go about conducting such research.
Moments later, the bomber crew released a string of 2,000-lb.
Here he was finally able to unburden himself of the guilt he felt about the death of his bomber crew.
Popular young-adult author Harry Mazer recollects the sights, sounds and emotions of his World War II bomber crew as they are sent on a mission that would prove fatal to nearly all of them.
It is a book also that should or must be read by those who wish to know what it was like to be in their early to middle twenties, to have undergone some eighteen months of training to become part of a bomber crew with almost no expectancy of completing the requirement of thirty operational sorties.
IN THE LAST thirty years Ralph Salisbury, who served in an Army Air Force bomber crew during the last year of the second world war and later pursued a career as an English professor, most of it at the University of Oregon, has produced a number of small books of poems without establishing the reputation that he de serves among American Indian poets.
We were approached in November/ December by a Gabby Anderson who was anxious for any information we may have with regard to a gravestone in our cemetery of Cyril Caradog Davies who was a member of a Lancaster bomber crew who died during the Second World War.
The heroic exploits of George Saunders, and the Lancaster bomber crew of which he was a part, dropped off the radar after his death.
He served on 55 combat missions and was one of only a handful of bomber crew to survive so many.
THE remains of a Second World War bomber crew were finally laid to rest in Italy yesterday, 68 years after their aircraft crashed during operations.
IRELAND Lieutenant-Colonel Sean Cosden of the US Defence Attache in the garden of O''Donovan''s Hotel, at the unveiling of a statue of 'Tojo'' a monkey belonging to an American Air Force bomber crew who crash landed their Flying Fortress outside Clonakilty town, West Cork Ireland on April 7 1943.