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the crew of a bomber

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The tour was also to encourage bomber crews in training that they too could make it home.
George Saunders.", above, was shot down over Berlin in 1944 |and, left, the passing out ceremony for the Lancaster Bomber crew who all lost their lives
Veterans have joined senior members of the Royal Air Force for a ceremony to lay the foundation stone of a monument to thousands of RAF bomber crew who lost their lives during the Second World War.
How lucky he was can be measured by the fact that bomber crew members who flew 30 or more missions in Europe had a 71 percent chance of getting killed.
The names of the navigational aids used to aid the bomber crew are well known: Gee, Oboe and H2S airborne radar, but Wakelam shows the OR boffins at work, assessing the effectiveness of each, suggesting improvements in the way each was used, and then assessing the results.
Gregory Hadley takes one bomber crew, one mission, and one Japanese town, illustrates the impacts on those involved, and makes clear the longer term historical implications.
Here he describes his investigations, at once presenting a portrait of a B-17 bomber crew during World War II and demonstrating to others how to go about conducting such research.
Moments later, the bomber crew released a string of 2,000-lb.
Here he was finally able to unburden himself of the guilt he felt about the death of his bomber crew. 'I found it very hard to say that I felt that if I had obeyed the "arresting tick" to close the cockpit canopy, we might not have crashed.
Popular young-adult author Harry Mazer recollects the sights, sounds and emotions of his World War II bomber crew as they are sent on a mission that would prove fatal to nearly all of them.
Under his own name he wrote Fair Stood the Wind for France (1944), about a British bomber crew forced down in occupied France, and The Purple Plain (1946) and The Jacaranda Tree (1948), both set in Burma during the Japanese invasion.
He is also the author of more than thirty novels, including a best - seller about a British bomber crew in World War II, Fair Stood the Wind for France (1944).
Two years earlier, in 1942, carrier pigeon Winkie saved an RAF bomber crew downed in the North Sea by flying 120 miles to raise the alarm.
At 19, he went to war, and now at 94, he's the only living member of his 10-man bomber crew who flew missions over Germany during World War II as part of the Eighth Air Force.
We were approached in November/ December by a Gabby Anderson who was anxious for any information we may have with regard to a gravestone in our cemetery of Cyril Caradog Davies who was a member of a Lancaster bomber crew who died during the Second World War.