bomber aircrew

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the crew of a bomber

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It further touches on the desperate lot of the British bomber aircrews, their loss rates, the misunderstanding associated with treating woes stemming from low morale, and its connection to faulty leadership: "The class-conscious British hierarchy did little to instill faith in one's superiors, who may have been promoted through family connections or had the privilege of an upper-class education" (p.
To say that is not to diminish the heroism and courage of the bomber aircrews who flew into German air space in a vain attempt to destroy German war industry and the German will to fight.
One of the interesting aspects of the book is the author's style which involves flashbacks from young soldier's entering bomber aircrews to dialogues, between mother and daughter, of one of the young soldiers.
This requirement was stated expressly in the exercise Special Instructions (SPINS): "Bomber aircrews will confirm all target coordinates with a known offset prior to employing, e.g., they will confirm IP to target heading/distance matches target coordinates passed." This was the sole way for a bomber crew, without any visual or sensor eyes on the target, to confirm that the coordinates were actually for the target in question.
Training for bomber aircrews is changing as a result of CAS/GAPS operations in OEF.