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| Stand to attention in this military-style style bomber (left).
Patterned bomber, PS60, River Island; white trousers, PS39.95, Zara Channel your inner tomboy with an old-school nylon bomber.
In another incident, police nabbed a suicide bomber with explosives packed vest on Wednesday night in the Meharabad area on the outskirts of Tirinkot, the provincial capital of Uruzgan, police spokesman Farid Aial said.
"Police intercepted a suicide bomber who strapped explosive in his body and intended to target a police department in the second precinct of Kandahar city this morning but the bomber detonated his device killing self and injured a passerby civilian," the statement said.
Now, the Air Force is faced with the prospect of rebuilding the nuclear bomber culture.
The images were based on two severed heads found at the blast sites which are believed to be those of the bombers, suspected members of the Jemaah Islamiyah regional extremist network or one of its offshoots.
For the FY2009 budget deliberations, Congress will be called upon to assess the Air Force's decision to delay program funding to FY2010 and whether this will affect the Air Force's ability to deliver a new bomber by 2018.
Lasuca, a reported member of the Abu Sayyaf Group, allegedly detonated an improvised explosive device on his body and damaged the gate of the temporary headquarters of the Philippine Army's 1st Brigade Combat Team in Indanan town, allowing the second bomber to enter the camp.
But Sobejana said that since it was the PNP that looked into the identities of the bombers, then it may be in the best position to release its findings, which he admitted had been forwarded to them, but which, the official said, he has yet to see.
On Jan 29, three suicide bombers stormed the compound of DIG offices and detonated themselves, killing nine policemen and injuring 21 others.
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union developed a series of remarkable strategic bombers, including the Tu--95 "Bear," Tu--16 "Badger," and Tu--22M "Backfire." The turboprop Tu--95, which first flew in 1952 (the same year as the B--52), is a direct descendant of the B-29/Tu--4 series of World War Il-era bombers and remains in service today.
A police guard deployed at the Imambargah along with the security personnel in a grenade attack that hurled by the suicide bomber.
QUETTA -- Police shot dead an alleged suicide bomber, who was as a suicide bomb, who tried to attack an Imambargah and foiled a terror bid in provincial capital of Balochistan.
A CTD official also revealed that the suicide bomber, who targeted an elite police vehicle on the gate of the shrine of Sufi saint Ali Hajveri, had arrived in Lahore from Afghanistan just a couple of days before the attack.
Zahran's daughter had been found at a house in Kalmunai in which a suicide bomber triggered explosives a couple of days after the Easter Sunday attacks.