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We as a family were actually resident at Stanmore, which was an outstation from Bletchley where some of the bombes used to decode German Enigma messages in World War Two were housed.
Spoon the parfait into the bombe moulds, terrine or tub, and freeze until set, at least 12 hours.
The first bombe was installed on 18 March 1940, but by the end of the war more than 200 bombes were in use.
The first American observers arrived at Bletchley in 1942, and Turing traveled to the United States to help America build its own bombes.
I've made this bombe with other flavors but have used many kinds of from-scratch cakes for the layers -- sponge, baked meringue.
But it was when the award-winning Irish restaurateur hosted a question and answer session at the end that he delivered his verbal Bombe Surprise.
The 12 shades include Crazy Beige, Hot Rose, Rouge Bombe and Brun Fatal, and LipDimension costs pounds 12.
To serve, spoon some of the mango and key lime into a soup bowl and set a bombe in the center and top with a scoop of passion fruit sorbet.
The Cinnabar collection has gently curved bombe bases with lotus flower carvings for a graceful, somewhat feminine feeling.
Appropriate for entryways, dining areas, and living rooms, a versatile selection of consoles with inlaid mahogany demilunes, intricate carvings, marble tops, and serpentine hand-painted chinoiserie or burl bombe shapes blend perfectly with Townhouse.
La Coree du Nord a annonce dimanche avoir procede avec "une reussite parfaite" a l'essai souterrain d'une bombe a hydrogene capable d'etre embarquee sur un missile balistique intercontinental, une initiative de nature a accroitre les tensions deja elevees avec les Etats-Unis et avec ses voisins.
With my ID at the ready, I ordered the Jager Bombe (a tipple I often enjoy on the odd night out).
Surtout le policiers ont mis la main sur des documents relatifs a la fabrication des bombes, notamment la fabrication d'une mini-bombe nucleaire.
Un attentat a la bombe a fait 16 blesses hier dimanche a Jalalabad, une ville dans l'est de l'Afghanistan touchee la veille par un attentat-suicide pres du consulat indien, ont indique les autorites.
And, as I'd not made a bombe in years, I had my recipe.