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a twilled fabric used for dresses

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The band, in a "a spectacle of hermaphroditic frenzy" (4), then wolfishly track the young black girl as she races across the ruined landscape, but they tire and drop away, with the exception of one: "Audacious in a poke bonnet and bombazine dress, she rapidly outdistanced the rest, she hounded her quarry, she ran like a mother possessed, in a fit of chastisement, hard on the heels of an impudent daughter" (5) This inscrutable "mother possessed" at last catches the girl and then, horribly, stuffs her bonnet in her mouth and rapes her in the mud, as the others now join them, awaiting their participation in the gang rape "like patient cattle in the rain" (5).
Many of the bouts were watched enthusiastically by Frank and Phil's grandmother who would often be seen sitting at the ringside in her black bombazine dress, black hat and her hair tied in a tight bun at the back, waving her walking stick menacingly at anyone who was brave enough to be fighting one of her grandsons.
Hesitantly I approached, my heart pounding, and as I drew closer I saw the figures were dressed in archaic mourning clothes, dresses of bombazine trimmed with crepe, black woolen suits with cravats and gloves.
Margaret's labor, her meticulous needlework fashioning bombazine mourning, gradually robs her of sight.
bombazine, bloomed pomegranate, & there was more,
Nineteenth-century photographs of black-African middle-class urban-dwellers (there were not many) show women and men dressed in local versions of European fashions, in the same sweltering bombazine and shot silk as their European colonial "neighbors.
She has released two albums of spoken word pieces, Angel Food For Thought and Bombazine.
A large painting records Madame Caillebotte meanwhile reading in her manicured 'English' garden - massed flowers in domed island beds in the accepted Victorian style - while a little way off two elderly women in black bombazine sew beside a shaded table, and a young woman in a lovely blue dress sits also absorbed in her needlework.
You can smell wet bombazine, wet gabardine and serge, and the wet leather of hymnbooks.
4f Pivotal - Bombazine Sarah Leigh 01118-1 RPR 111 She couldn't have made a better start than by winning as she did at Goodwood.
She dressed like all grannies did then, in a black bombazine ankle length dress with a cameo brooch at her throat and a black hat trimmed with a white silk daisy; though she looked ancient she wasn't much older than I am now.
She may even have worked for a time as a weaver of bombazine, a mixed cloth of silk and worsted, which was popular for a time and then fell out of fashion in the 1830s.
You could call them guerrilla fighters in black bombazine dresses and huge floral hats who fought and starved, suffering real torture for their cause.
Bombazine - a fabric of silk mixed with wool or cotton - often dyed black.
What is bombazine - a semiprecious mineral, a dress fabric or a type of explosive?