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Synonyms for bombastically

in a turgid manner


in a grandiose manner


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He threatened, offended and ruffled his own feathers, bombastically confident that he would remain.
He eased up unseen behind the man--now running his mouth more bombastically than ever--and with all of us watching he straddled the shotgun, crouched and made an impressive deposit on the gun's open, gleaming action.
Far less bombastically than his predecessor, Obama also proclaimed US support for freedom of speech, the rule of law, transparent government, and personal liberty as universal human rights.
Like Ovid before him--and in contrast to Spenser and Shakespeare--Marlowe wrote at the perimeters of the permissible; in this verse translation he ventriloquially advertises the atheism and concupiscence that his plays bombastically articulate, to the delight and outrage of his contemporaries.
Still, McPhee's "mature" follow-up is heavy with banal ballads and bombastically arranged melodrama.
We want the two clubs to move forward, and acting this bombastically so soon would not have been in the best interests of either side.
It should be handled discretely behind the scenes, not through committees, publicly, bombastically and aggressively", he said.
I certainly don't want the shirt - I'm Welsh," she declares bombastically.
In both cases, the extravagance of the language effaces "real" experience; both letter and novel address their topics bombastically and thus continually retreat from them even as they draw nearer.
But there they were in a concert-hall the size of a small European country, reading from sheet music for a bombastically hollow rendition of Jingle Bells as if it were some aria from one of Verdi's more challenging scores.
The Rev Gordon Ramsey is the reand-brimstone pastor from the Deep South, bombastically berating his congregation, then condemning them to Burger King Hell if they don't gobble up all their greens.
In it, the everyday is sometimes envisaged as an art--in which art, conventionally understood, occupies an uncertain place, variously narrowed to the fragile space of the personal, or more bombastically aggrandised to public presence.
This seems to me to be a red herring that led to the least satisfactory sections of the Dallas installation: a room containing four cutouts in the DMA and its counterpart gallery at the Nasher Center, where a wall was bombastically filled with all the plates of Jazz, 1947.
Christopher "Kit" Bond of Missouri instantly picked up on a corporate press release containing this claim, bombastically repeating it on the Senate floor.
Nor does long accepted theory assure accuracy (chemists still mutter "phlogiston" to those they believe bombastically self-assured and until August 2006 Pluto was a "planet.