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a tuba that coils over the shoulder of the musician


a large shawm


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In eight wartime months 147 concrete Phoenix, up to 204ft long, 56ft wide and 60ft deep, were built (the final figure was 212) with twenty-three Spud pontoons, ten miles of Whale floating piers and two miles of Bombardon breakwaters.
Whether or not all novels are extravaganzas according to the definitions offered by the OED, I think we can agree that our example, stuffed full of languages real and imagined, bursting at the seams with fantastic tales and plots, replete with excessive behaviors, summoning us not only with the peal of a superbly phallic trumpet pointed at the sky, hell-bent on the coveted Cecilia, but also with the leaden bombast of Belbo's bombardon, surely satisfies all the prescribed requirements.
Grammar is a Bombardon, the bass instrument Belbo played setting the rhythm for the band.
It was also decided to moor a number of 200ft long floating cruciform steel structures called Bombardons, secured end to end to give shelter to a deep water anchorage set up on the seaward side of the Phoenixes.
It was not until 1843 that saxophones and tenor horns replaced euphoniums, key bugles, bombardons and the serpent.