bombardier beetle

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beetle that ejects audibly a pungent vapor when disturbed

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The post Bombardier beetles: a cautionary tale appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
To protect itself from enemies, a Bombardier Beetle shoots out a hot, poisonous liquid with a loud POP!
The Bombardier Beetle, glimpsed in episode one and seen in moredetail in episode six, is a case in point.
EVOLUTION I had written three pages on how insects are such good chemists, citing the silkworm sex attractant, and the bombardier beetle, spraying out hot hydrogen peroxide when threatened.
Effect of thermal and chemical components of bombardier beetle chemical defense: glossopharyngeal response in two species of toads (Bufo americanus, Bufo marinus).
Interestingly, YECs who believe that all animals were herbivores before the Fall, like to point to the bombardier beetle's defense mechanism as an indication of design.
When it senses danger, the bombardier beetle fires a scorching spray from its rear abdomen.
Abstract.--The Bombardier beetle (Brachinus sp., Metrius sp., Stenaptinus sp.) has been often studied due to its ability to synthesize and spray a hot, noxious combination of benzoquinones and oxygen.
Engineers looking for ways to re-ignite failed jet engines are studying the unique defence system of the bombardier beetle. The tiny yellow and black insect blasts a jet of boiling liquid at its enemies.
The rare bombardier beetle carries different explosive chemicals around in its abdomen, which only mix together when the beetle is provoked.
When another creature yanks on one of its legs or antennae, a bombardier beetle contracts muscles in glands that store chemical reactants in separate compartments.
The Bombardier beetle can shoot boiling hot chemicals at predators as a defence mechanism.
Some specific topics include biomimetics of gecko locomotion, a spray system inspired by the bombardier beetle, the golden ratio in fluid dynamics, and dissipative structures in nature and human systems.
Life BBC Four, 8pm Bombardier beetles, honey bees and grass-cutter ants are among the creatures explored as the focus turns to insects.
From flea beetles to bombardier beetles, an incredible variety is showcased and picture-perfect for sparking children's imaginations for art making.