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an area in a town that has been devastated by bombs

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The BBC representative further said that at the bomb site there was only one house, which had only suffered minor damage.
Artist's impression of how the Great Charles Street area could look and, inset, the 'bomb site' car park |
Chadian troops followed footprints from the bomb site to a house, where they found two people with heavy weapons, said Achouri.
When chatting to a few of these folk, the main talking point is : How long is the massive area (which resembles a bomb site) going to be left barren and empty following the demolition of Taylor Valves.
"Some body parts allegedly of a suspected attacker were found at the bomb site on Friday and sent to the National Database and Registration Authority for identification, [We are] 98% sure that a suicide bomber hit the explosives-laden Suzuki cargo van with Aslam's Vigo," Crime Investigation Department (CID) DIG Zafar Bukhari told the media.
Or if your home is currently looking more "bomb site" than "pride and joy", get in touch!
In a wreath-laying ceremony at the bomb site yesterday, prime minister Jens Stoltenberg said Breivik had not succeeded in his declared goal of destroying Norway's commitment to being an inclusive, multicultural society.
Meqdad was accompanied to the bomb site by Arab League assistant secretary general Samir Seif Al-Yazal, head of the observer mission's advance team which flew in on Thursday.
Summary: A paramedic has criticised his bosses for not sending more ambulances to the bomb site he arrived first at.
And while I try and keep my gaming space tidy, it can occassionally look like a bomb site. Plastic boxes, game-related merchandise, review notes, biscuit wrappers, discarded plates and empty tea mugs can so on take over the gaming room.
Hitler knew how to shut you up though didn't he?" The boys then discover that Cap is part of the construction team planning to tear down the bomb site and build over it.
The FBI did find several similarities between Mayfield's fingerprint and the crime-scene print, but the print found at the bomb site turned out to belong to someone else.
Both men ran towards the bomb site and fought their way through intense flames to help rescue the wounded and carry them to safety.
Without exception, at every bomb site investigated, people are ill."
A-bomb survivors in Nagasaki Prefecture living outside the area designated as the official bomb site still show signs of mental and physical problems relating to the bombing, a health ministry research group reported Monday.