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a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

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There are enough bomb shelters for just 30 per cent of the population
To this day, the discoveries of the Negri Sembilan B-24 Liberator and the Ipoh bomb shelter remain his proudest moments as a researcher.
Dallas, TX, November 18, 2016 --( With North Korea and Russia threatening nuclear war and ISIS using chemical weapons, NORAD Shelter Systems LLC[R] is offering fully rated underground bomb shelter protection for four to six civilians.
The Serbian, who endured 78 consecutive nights in a bomb shelter at the age of 12, said overcoming adversity as a youngster has helped him to face challenges on and off the court.
Children in South Kordofan's town of Kauda take cover from a passing Antonov in a makeshift bomb shelter in 2012 (Photo: Peter Moszynski)
Summary: We shuffled down a flight of shallow stairs, squeezed past the sandbags piled to either side of the heavy metal doors, and filed into the darkness of the basement bomb shelter.
HOME FIRES ITV 9pm The ladies of the Great Paxford WI pool their resources to plan a bomb shelter for the village.
One of the officials said they had been in the bomb shelter for about an hour.
During the hearing, an Israeli state attorney suggested lying on the ground as an alternative to a bomb shelter, " Bomb shelters are a last resort from a security perspective.
A question answer of which is not known to anyone is: Why Gaza does not have bomb shelter? Hamas took control of Gaza Strip in 2005 following Israeli withdrawal.
Gallagher's brother, Chris, does not believe he was responsible for the murder, and sets up a challenge for Somers to reinvestigate the Brennan killing to prove Steven's innocence by kidnapping the policeman's brother, Bryan, and entombing him in a bomb shelter with only seven days worth of air [very early on in the story - no spoiler here].
Jack's father begins work on a bomb shelter in their backyard because of the threat of nuclear war by the Russians.
Pencil-and-ink sketches offer exacting details--as in her "How to Catch and Manufacture Ghosts" series and drawings for the installation "A Simple Network of Underground Wells and Tunnels," which so closely resembles a bomb shelter that Aycock once received a building permit designating it as such--yet none of those works is exactly as it first appears.
I'm pretty sure I was raised in a bomb shelter. I'm pretty sure the people who ate and slept with me there were not my parents.
In truth, today's bomb shelter industry pretty much owes its existence to the government's pioneering efforts.