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a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

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Last night, Cheney said: "They moved me for a relatively brief period of time to one of the bomb shelters nearby.
She said, 'I don't know about secure, but here's a bomb shelter.
He spent the night in a bomb shelter, then returned to his home city - Nagasaki.
lt;p>The data center is located in a former World War II bomb shelter carved into the bedrock under Helsinki's Uspenski Cathedral.
While the term is admittedly creepy, a "coffin" is essentially an individualized bomb shelter built of cinder blocks, a metal slab, and sandbags.
A siren goes off, and a voice comes over the hotel intercom: 'Proceed at once to the bomb shelter.
someone who wouldn't help them build a bomb shelter after
She continues to steal books, and eventually does learn to read, even reading aloud to keep her neighbors in the bomb shelter sane during bombing raids.
What is most amazing about building 215 is the bomb shelter that is built under the building.
They looked at Second World War artefacts such as uniforms, photos and even an Anderson bomb shelter.
Careful scrutiny revealed an endless lacework of images in a variety of scales: pages from '60s comic books depicting models in their undergarments accompanied by designer outfits, African tribe members in ceremonial garb, Siamese-twin skeletons in an eternal embrace, a newborn catapulting from a coffered dome, nude mutants, luxurious palaces, a bomb shelter, guns, and a grenade.
Also on This Day: 1570: Queen Elizabeth I wasexcommunicated by Pope Pius V; 1774: the rules of cricket were formulated at the Star and Garter, Pall Mall, London; 1939: the first Anderson bomb shelter was erected in Britain in a garden in Islington; 1946: the first bananas arrived in Britain following the war; 1978: the separated Princess Margaret and her friend Roddy Llewellyn left for a holiday on the romantic island of Mustique.
As such, the Beats' coffeehouses and lofts, bookstores and galleries find odd parallel to another signature space, another interpretative site of the 1950s: the backyard bomb shelter.
Yet he avoided a bomb shelter ambience by cleverly organizing his design around a dramatic top-to-bottom lightwell.