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a device on an aircraft for carrying bombs

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The turn operator shut down the port engine and signaled the crew to verify that the bomb rack was locked.
The aft-suspension hook of the AERO-7 bomb rack had failed to open, causing the empty drop tank to partly separate from the aircraft, pivoting on the forward suspension hook.
Sometimes the discrepancy cannot be fixed at the squadron level and the AO must remove and replace the faulty component, usually a bomb rack or missile launcher, and turn it into the FRC for repair or rework.
Braving wind and rain, aviation ordnancemen assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron Two Five (VFA-25) huddle around a bomb rack trying to finish their checks before the rain becomes an impediment to safety.
the industry leader in the smart weapons multiple carriage industry, developed a bomb rack that doubles an F-16's bomb load.
Forgetting the rule of the right tool for the right job, I seized the opportunity to help with the download operation; I removed the MAU-12 safety pin and inserted it into the bomb rack release mechanism to open the MAU-12 hooks.
10) Thunderbolts had one bomb rack fitted under each wing and another under the fuselage, as well as short launch stubs under the wings for unguided rockets, allowing late-model Thunderbolts to carry up to 2,500 pounds of external stores.
He identified a faulty micro switch in the bomb rack which allowed voltage to reach and fire the cart.
It had Aero 7 bomb racks installed on both wings and a third Aero 7 bomb rack on the starboard side of the fuselage.
We don't know if it will be four 250-pound bombs per bomb rack or eight 100-pound bombs.
HiPPAG provides the energy source for pneumatic ejection and has also been qualified for the pneumatic bomb rack systems for the F-35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) aircraft which is in low rate initial production.
Other upgrades to the bomber fleet include a ``smart bomb rack assembly'' that allows the B-2 to deliver 80 independent, 500-pound guided bombs, five times more than it could deliver previously; the application of a special surface coating to improve maintainability of the aircraft; installation of a new communications link that will improve B-2 pilots' ability to share critical targeting and threat information; and increasing the capacity of the airplane's onboard computer processors.
The MPACT is also under consideration for future programs such as Joint Air to Ground Missile (JAGM) and Multi Purpose Bomb Rack (MPBR).
Contract Awarded for Joint miniature munitions bomb rack unit
Successfully tested on a B-2 last year, the new bomb rack is scheduled to be operational later this year.