bomb calorimeter

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strong sealed vessel for measuring heat of combustion


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Benzoic acid with known calorific value (6.32 kcal/g) was used as standard to calibrate Ballistic bomb calorimeter [17].
Bomb calorimeter is used to find higher calorific value of solid and liquid fuels.
1261 Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter. Operating instruction manual no.
Approximately .3g samples from each of the ratios were pressed into pellets using a standard 10 ton hydraulic press and combusted in a bomb calorimeter to determine the heat energy of the reaction.
Following a steady stream of requests from established customers, analytical instruments such as an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, bomb calorimeter, and gas chromatographs - FID, ECD, and tritium source have been purchased.
A bomb calorimeter is used to determine the total amount of energy present in a given sample of wax.