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a small round soft mass (as of chewed food)

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a large pill

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Using the basic insulin:carbohydrate ratio of 1:10, the insulin dose in the combination bolus would be 3 units plus an additional 20% for the high fat content, or a total of 3.6 units to be divided roughly 50/50 between the immediate and extended boluses, Dr.
Intermittent boluses of the epidural catheter allows a wider spread throughout the epidural space, which may contribute to better quality of analgesia in the clinical setting (1).
Additional boluses of the same drug were given in post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) to treat breakthrough pain; they were repeated till VAS score returned to <3.
"It was obviously worth investing in the tests and the iodine boluses."
Programmed Intermittent Epidural Boluses (PIEB) for Maintenance of Labor Analgesia: A Superior Technique to Continuous Epidural Infusion?
Carreg-y-Llech, Treuddyn, Mold (CH7 4NZ), has been using boluses to monitor pH and rumen temperature levels.
We agree with the evidence comparing programmed intermittent epidural boluses (PIEB) to conventional continuous epidural infusions (CEI) for maintaining epidural labor analgesia presented by Munro and George, (1) showing advantages with PIEB for both the patient (with less local anesthetic consumption, improved maternal satisfaction, potentially shorter duration of labor) and the anesthesia team (with decreased workload requirements) (2).
Medtronic announced the enrollment of the first study participants in the company's pivotal trial of its Bluetooth enabled MiniMed 780G advanced hybrid closed loop system, designed to automate the delivery of correction boluses when the user experiences, or is predicted to experience, prolonged high glucose levels based on their sensor readings.
The aim of this study was to compare the haemodynamic response to Bispectralindex (TM) (BIS (TM))-guided desflurane administration and BIS-triggered inhalational boluses of desflurane in normotensive and hypertensive patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
Blood glucose could be checked hourly when insulin boluses are administered and decreases work load for nursing staff.
Also it requires calculating carbohydrate content of the meal and adjusting the dose of boluses according to it.
Hypotension was treated with IV phenylephrine 50-100mcg boluses aiming to restore mean arterial pressure within 20% of baseline values.
The boluses were water (viscosity = 1 mPa*s), nectar-like food (viscosity = 272-343 mPa*s), and pudding-like food (viscosity = 4750-5113 mPa*s).[1] During the test, the environment was kept quiet and the indoor temperature was stable at 25[degrees]C.
Once an ICR is established, patients can adjust their mealtime boluses based on their carbohydrate intake.
In conclusion, trace mineral boluses supplementation to pregnant ewes at late gestation improved minerals status of the ewes and their newborns at parturition and consequently enhanced body weight.