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a small round soft mass (as of chewed food)

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a large pill

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This study was planned to investigate the effect of using trace minerals boluses as a source of Se, Cu, Zn, Co and Mn to Naemi ewes at late gestation (60 days prepartum) on the mineral profile of the ewes and their newborn lambs at birth, colostrum composition and weight of the newborn.
Automated intermittent epidural boluses improve analgesia induced by intrathecal fentanyl during labour.
Amount of nalbuphine consumed as on demand boluses was significantly >equipotent amount of tramadol (Mann Whitney U=700, p3 over a first 12 hours was significantly higher than tramadol.
Arwyn was keen to assess the potential impact of using trace element boluses, as he has seen them perform well in cattle Although his land has no real deficiency in trace elements, other than cobalt, he wanted to see if it would make any difference to his sheep enterprise.
To summarise, for women at low risk of postpartum haemorrhage delivering by caesarean section, current evidence supports slow boluses of 0.
The eating/ruminating/resting time, the number of boluses, and the frequency of defecation and urination were observed with the naked eye and were recorded.
Wong and her colleagues reported that the currently available pumps used for patient-controlled epidural anesthesia (PCEA) also can be programmed to automatically deliver boluses at regular intervals, and that this "programmed intermittent epidural bolus" (PIEB) resulted in similar analgesia but with a smaller bupivacaine dose and better patient satisfaction, compared with continuous epidural infusion (CEI) for maintenance of epidural labor analgesia (Anesth.
During the study period nine such boluses were collected from adults retuming to the nests to feed nestlings.
The first cattle went through without any fuss and swallowed their worming boluses as per the instruction leaflet.
The number of missed mealtime boluses per week in this group also fell from 4.
The basal dose can be calculated at 50%-60% of the TDD, and carbohydrate boluses can be calculated using what Mr.
The basal dose can be calculated at 50% to 60% of the TDD, and carbohydrate boluses can be calculated using what he calls "the 500 rule": Dividing 500 by the TDD gives the number of grams of carbohydrate that can be covered by 1 unit of bolus insulin.
We collected and identified 1852 prey items from 89 boluses delivered to 62 nestling tree swallows (Tachsycineta bicolor) at 14 nests in an upland old field in western Michigan.
In the study of Medtronic insulin pump users entitled, "The PedPump Study: A Low Percentage of Basal Insulin and More Than Five Daily Boluses are Associated With Better Centralized A1C in 1041 Children on CSII in 17 Countries," 1041 children with type 1 diabetes (ages 11.